Apr 05

Site updated

OK, just after checking the stats of this site and reading the feedback sent I have made a few changes. First of all, you don’t need an email address to leave a comment, so please feel free to leave a comment but PLEASE make sure you leave your name so I know who it is. Any abuse of this system ala www.swordsdublin.com will result in me turning it off. Finally, I would like to thank the 2000+ people a day reading this website, whoever and wherever you are. All those travel sites linking to me, thank you too. I’m …… honoured.

Mar 05

Happy Birthday Jennifer

Just wanted to wish my sister a wonderful and great Birthday. I miss you and I’ll bring you home something nice! Have a great day! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Mar 05

Leaving Thailand

I have had to delete the last few posts from my site because its a little messed up for some reason. Anyway, I just got off the train back from Chiang Mai and am now sitting in a cafe in Bangkok airport on the fastest internet station in Thailand! Bout time! Train journey down was good. All my friends bought me a taxi and followed me to the station on their motorbikes. It was really sad leaving. I told everyone I’m coming back and I fully expect to, but for some reason, most of them KNOW I’m never going to see them again.

Anyway, Ill post my previous news here. Its a long read, so bear with it.

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Feb 05

Somehow, Back in Chiang Mai Again!

Sorry for the lack of updates folks (Those who are actually bothering to read the site!). OK, so I am back in Chiang Mai as this has to be the best place on earth. I’m still sick but nowhere near as bad. Just a remaining chest infection putting a downer on everything.

Left Ais in Bangkok airport after her ordeal and she got off fine. Glad to see a smile on her face. Lucky me got a flight back to Chiang Mai 5 Min’s after her flight. So we have all gone our own separate ways now anyway. God knows she deserved it!

Anyway, glad to have left the southern islands. FAR too hot, too alcohol fuelled and drug fuelled and no culture. its just like a hotter Playa Des ingles. Now I’m staying with Thai friends again in Chiang Mai and learning a LOT more Thai. Met a girl in a club the other night that offered me a job (TEFL) teaching English so I could stay here. But that’s doubtful. 😉

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Feb 05

Arrived in Samui

This place is like PARADISE. Its nothing like I imagined it. Think of all the places you can imagine, all the movies you have seen, all the paintings you have viewed. Pick the best image. Multiply it by 100 and you have this place.

I’m only staying here for one day but I stayed up all night on the beach with other backpackers by candlelight looking at the moonlit bay and surrounding jungle. Beautiful. Words (Apart from these) cannot describe it.

Sitting in a net cafe now, sweating my balls off waiting for my ferry to KPN (Full moon party Island) which is apparently even more beautiful than this!

Ill be in touch!

Feb 05

Maps and updates

OK, so I finally got some pretty detailed maps done up of my locations. I had originally had the world map but had way too much fun and decided to do …. ehem… a few more localized ones. You can pretty much see my journey in both phase one and phase two (As I am calling them). Phase one being my solo round the world trip and phase 2 being my European rail trip with Sarah Feel free to comment on any of them. This is by no means a definite guide as we all know, even the best laid plans are subject to change…and thats why it’s an adventure.

In other news, I have all my accommodation for Thailand, Hong Kong and California booked and ready. How organized am I! Good owl “Internet money” allowing me to save my cash for more …. necessities. 😉 Starting to get really nervous now. Just a few little bits and bobs to tie up and I’m good to go.

Finally, regarding the site, I have sorted out the new photos and discussion areas. Anyone can now view my entire gallery and have a little chat with me depending on where I am. Hope SOMEONE apart from me finds it useful.

Enough of my rants. Its the first of the month. I’m supposed to be sorting out my sleep pattern.

Jan 05

Booked, ready and confirmed!

OK, so today me and Sarah went into town to collect my tickets and guess what? NOTHING went wrong! Everything was exactly the way it should have been. The names on the tickets were correct, the address, even the destinations were correct! Something must be amiss….

Anyway, Melissa was not there today, but thats grand cos shes not the boss of me and Sarah was there so it was really nice. Thanks Sal, I know you didn’t want to be there, but I appreciated it a lot. Thanks for coming to cafe aroma with me too! 😉

After many phone calls this week to various travel insurance companies, I ended up forking out over 250 Euros to USIT for their worldwide travel insurance that covered “Hazardous activities” which I had to get because for some reason, the insurance company thinks its “Hazardous” to ride on an elephant, scuba dive and snorkel! Snorkel for god sake! Do we need insurance to dip our faces into the bath when playing submarines? The answer to that is that we do not play submarines.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I have not even left yet and I’m talking pony. Just have to save like an Essex whore now to pay for the trip!

On an off note, the site forum and photo gallery are about 99.99% complete. Not that anyones interested, but I’ll let you know. Click my ads!

Jan 05

Some images for my gallery

This post is just to showcase some images in my new gallery based on the (EDIT** New WordPress Image handling). These images are just really to help be look back and remember my friends and family while I am away. Most are completely irrelevant to the function of this blog and only serve the purpose of testing and memory.

All images will be viewable in my up and coming “Proper” gallery based on the SPG gallery (Links to come) which will have its place on the site when it arrives. Read the full post to see my photos…

Sally and Anto at Beans' 21st
Burkie and Sally in Beans' house a long time ago!
This is me
Me and My Friends
Sarah and My Mammy
Sally in a Prague forest
Buddy investigates!
Jan 05

My First Official Entry

Welcome to my new world travel journal / blog. I have worked really hard on this site modifying the incredibly flexible WordPress to suit my needs. I have heavily modified the original script and I will now be using this website to document my travels around the world. So many modifications to the original engine have been made that I will need a separate post/page for them. This was set up so that I can easily change my location and post relevancy when I am in each location. It is primarily for my family and friends to keep track of where I am and what I am doing and any relevant news that I have for them. This has been thought out so well and so much that I more than likely missed something. At least I have nearly three weeks to get all the little bugs worked out.

The main aim of this website is to provide my friends and family an easy way to not only contact me while I am away, but keep updated on my location, what I am up to and any news that I have. I also plan to have the entire blog published at the end of my trip as a memoir of my travels.

So Far, I have gotten most of my funding together and have a lot of my accommodation sorted for most places. I have all my vaccines now (I did not cry) and I am just working on spending some time with Sarah before I leave.

I hope someone finds this useful because I know I will.

Please note that I have not set up this site to reflect my locations in phase 2 of my trip. When I arrive home, I will be back for two weeks, (For Sarah’s 21st) then I will travel on around Europe with her on our Inter-rail trip for a month and a half (Or thereabouts). More on that to come.
Anyway, enjoy!

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