Aug 06

Some Updates From OB

OK, so it’s been a while since I’ve been around these parts. Been up to a lot since my baby came over. Had fun and Gaire in Vegas, and with Sarah getting her first lap dance, that only sweetened the deal….

Anyway, had a deadly time when Sarah came down to OB and met all my house mates and her family for a week. Think she kind of freaked out a little when we first arrived as there was a regular cliff session when we got back and she had to meet about 50 people all at once. By the way babe, everyone was very impressed that you remembered most of the names so quickly.

Went to some parties, went out on the rubber tubes, and drove a speedboat. Sarah likes driving boats. 😉 Went to some more parties and just chilled for a bit. Hit Tijuana and had the banter. Everyone misses you babe, but especially me.

Horrible affair at the airport. I shed a little tear.

Anyway, since then, U.F.C left and we got a few new house mates….from SWORDS! Lots of people have left and more keep taking their places. Uploaded a rake load more photos.

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