Dec 10

First Two Weeks In Melbourne

How the time has flown in. Here two weeks already. Having a fantastic time. The blistering hot sunshine really isn’t making it easy to believe that it’s December and the constant flow of Facebook updates complaining about the traffic and cold isn’t making it any easier. Sitting here watching a beautiful sunset while the Facebook newsfeed complains about treacherous conditions and snow ins. Anyway, I’ll keep this as brief as possible.

Arrived after an amazingly comfortable flight. Business class is certainly worth the price you pay. Full lie flat beds and proper cooked meals at any time you want. On the first leg, I had four steaks and watched movies for the entire time. In the business class lounge in Abu Dhabi after losing and finding my wallet, I got to say hello to the frizzy haired one from “Two pints of Lager” (really this time). On the second, longer leg, I slept for most of it. I was tucked in and the Air Hostess tucked me in and left a bottle of water beside me for when I woke up. The second I did wake up, she was over like a light to take my breakfast order. Arrived in Melbourne well rested and not jet lagged. Upon arrival, I was randomly interviewed (I should be used to this by now) because I looked “suspicious” and in fairness, I was a little disorientated as I had just woken up and I cannot function for two hours after I woke up. The interview went OK and they let me through.

The welcoming party was Dell and Gormo. They shouted at me like I was a celebrity and I was very happy to see them after so long. They even brought beers for the car journey back to Dell’s house. We went out on the tear that night on a pub crawl along Acland Street (The main bar and restaurant street in St Kilda).

The next day, we went to a BBQ for Ciara Donovan’s birthday in one of the many parks in Melbourne. We drank all day and it was clear by everyone’s tans that I had just arrived. That night, we hit club Wha Wha in Melbourne city for a long overdue rave with the rave Jesus.

After that, I started house hunting. I didn’t want to live alone and the only ads that replied to me were either couples or Irish people or backpacker room-shares. I eventually opted for a house share on the other side of the city to Dell and Gormo in a place called Brunswick. The house is lovely and it’s a (corrected) 10 bedroom and I’m living with 10 other people. 4 doctors and a few locals. The house is like a hotel and everything is taken care of. I even have a balcony (that I have to share with the girl next door). The rest of the housemates are fantastic but I already have my favourites. Julian, a Kiwi guy and Stephanie, an Ozzie girl from Adelaide (who I’m convinced is up to something). I hope none of them ever read this! 😉

Most of my time has been spent setting up bank accounts, broadband and going on the piss. The city of Melbourne is amazingly clean and the public transport is phenomenal. VERY easy to get your bearings here. The new phone, Google maps and GPS has been a massive aid in helping me find my around the city and back home at night. In the two weeks I’ve been here I have never ONCE made the last tram home (At twenty to one in the morning!). Very easy to lose track of time because it gets dark so late here and I think the Ozzie beer affects me in weird ways.

Most nights have been spent on Acland Street and Fitzroy street sampling all the night-life and mingling with the locals. Turns out you cannot play the “Irish Card” over here as much as you can in most other countries as there’s so many Irish here. It really is astonishing. And yes, they/we stick out a mile over here too, even the ones not wearing a sweaty, unwashed Kerry jersey.

Even got to go on a date night with Dee and Gormo (how sad is that) to see Harry Potter. Loved it. Emma certainly is blossoming 😉

Been to a few comedy nights. Comedy in another land is a little difficult to grasp as a lot of the observational and situational comedy is very Ozzie based. Lots of stuff us Irish simply didn’t get. Good craic though. Also got to meet Stuart lee’s best mate (apparently).

The vineyard the place to be on a Sundays too it would seem. World class DJs and a nice comfortable smoking area. Pity about the bouncers. Got to meet lots of Dee and Gormo’s friends too which was nice. Most lovely.

So far, it’s fun but it’s not what I expected it to be. Or, it’s exactly how I expected it to be. Maybe that’s my problem. Little homesick which has never happened before really except during week three of Thailand. It quickly passed, hopefully it will again. Maybe it’s because I missed Elaine’s wedding and the repercussions of that 🙁

A lot more connected here but maybe that’s a problem too.

That’s all for now.

PS: Is the man bag a bit too much? It’s VERY handy.


  1. Ah I didnt know you were doing this, yes a bit home sick thats to be expected,i know what you mean about tec being to easy for people to be in touch, some people are just fucking egits best to ignore that sort of crap.I want to see some of the lovely country so get out there & send me nice photos.Dee & Gormo real good friends picking you up like that also Del & Emma putting you up.looking forward to more updates.xxx

    • Dave says:

      Of course I am. Check the last three posts 🙂

      Yea, I remember in Asia I was a little homesick for the first few weeks. Just a little. That went away pretty quickly as I fell in love with the place thank God.

      Yea, fair play to the Swords (And Canadian/Ozzie)for looking after me my first week or so. Lots more photos to upload but broadband here is terrible. Ireland got something right (In Dublin at least).

      Speak later Mamo!

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