Nov 10

When A Mans Heart Is Aching He Goes To War Or Travels. I Chose The Latter. Here’s My Plan.

After a long hiatus, an attempt to grow up and settle down that blew up in my face and considering there’s no war (that’s legitimate), I’m off again.

Technology wasn’t as advanced and travelogues were quite the niche thing when I originally started this blog so I’ve upgraded the design, added some cool new features impossible 5 years ago and made things a little easier for me to keep track of my notes while on the move as well as a little easier to read.

Reading back over the tripe I’ve written while I was away last has not only made me wish I had updated it more frequently, it has also made me realize how much the mind forgets and how important some of those memories actually are. I vow to also add photos to the posts where I mention someone I’ve met, however briefly as reading over the old posts has made me realize that I can’t remember the faces of the people I shared so many fond memories with.

Although it seemed a little silly at the time, I seriously regret not updating this more 5 years ago. My biggest regret was not writing while I was inter-railing and at least transferring some of the memories back into the blog. I have also deleted some posts, some crap, some private and some bitter birthday wish posts to those who are no longer friends.

I make no excuses or apologies, this blog is for me and my memory. I’m getting older now and realize that life is a lot shorter than I once thought it was. Too short not remember every precious moment. I’ve also decided to remove a few defunct posts and stop writing titles like I’m some sort of witty journalist. This will also be a 100% working journey. Unlike previous travels, I’ll be working full time (if not fuller) this time around. Can’t let what I’ve built over the past 10 years fall to ruins 🙂

So, here is my current plan. MUCH like the last plan, this probably wont work out even close to how it is currently structured. That’s all part of the fun though. Unfortunately, as much as I want to I wont be able to (but things might change) attend my favourite Indian lady‘s wedding in October. Anyone who is interest can find out where exactly I am at any given time by clicking here. Pretty cool eh? (Took me a while to figure that one out!)

This itinerary is of course provisional and I may not be able to visit all the destinations but it’s a little less ambitious than my last one so here’s hoping. When I reach Brazil, I intend, depending on a million factors, to take the Gap Adventures tour which can be seen here. Hopefully, I’ll still be alive by then! While I plan to spend a bit of time in Melbourne doing my skydiving AFF (More on that some other time), I’m pretty much free to move about as long as I have the funds.

Because I’m not one for going away parties, I’ll consider Electric Picnic, Berlin Festival and the October bank holiday in Dublin my going away “parties”. I couldn’t have asked for a better time despite the festivals missing a few key players.

I wasn’t strong enough to beat the K monsters. Both of them. One in particular won hands down. I didn’t want to give up but I just can’t win. I should have fought harder. I should have won. A wise soul and a good friend once told me that I have to close the book on a chapter finished long ago. I wish I didn’t have to. I guess I don’t know myself at all. Bon voyage.

Some photos of my last days in Ireland. I had a lot of fun and it was better than any going away party. So sad it was missing some very important people.


  1. Beans says:

    excellent stuff Daithi, i look forward to more updates pal. Mind Yourself!

    • Dave says:

      Thanks Beans!

      Will try to keep this as updated as I can. It’s a bit of a chore sometimes!

      Like the last time, would love if you kept me informed of the indie-news from back home. Tales from the underbelly of the valley 😉

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