Jul 06

Happy 4th of July

The day kicked off when I arrived home to a beer bong breakfast and a game of beer pong and a massive feed on our brand spanking new BBQ. The revellers started arriving in the droves. I’d say half of SDSU were there! The banter continued on throughout the day. Dancing and eating. Eating and dancing. Fancy dress was about to begin so myself and Mark (Meeark!) began our preparation to become….. female.

Got a dress from Helena and Aiso, Helena and Michelle did our make-up. Creepy looking. As you can see from the photos. Some deadly costumes (Camel Toe Julie was the funniest). Banter went on until 9 PM when we all headed down the beach for the fireworks. Read the full story

Jul 06

Rave on Pacific Beach

(Really wish I had photos of this night.)  The Linda Vista crew hit the tavern and I was SUPPOSED to join them. Waited 2 hours for my cab and eventually had to ask Jenny to give me a lift to PB. The eve of the 4th of July is like getting a taxi on Christmas day. When I eventually arrived there the queue was too long and everyone was already inside. Read the full story

Jul 06

Grain-ie and her crew are hobos no longer.

OK, so our houseguests have moved out and we got invited to their housewarming party. Absolutely mental night. They covered their sitting room wall with wrapping paper and gave us all markers to sign. We’re going to do that for our 4th of July party so. Anyway, there was about a hundred people there and it was a savage night until the plumbing broke. When the upstairs toilet was flushed the downstairs one flooded the place. So at about 1 bell we headed to the beach. Didn’t bring a camera this time. Oh well. Read the full story

Jul 06

Angel White, A deadly night.

Last night, Jenny, Dee and Tiffiny invited me and Jon to a Charity event as guests on the VIP list. Had to wear all white as it was for some girl who died of cancer. Club was called “Belo” and was FANCY SCHMANCY! Jenny had some trouble getting in as her ID was her cousins and they are SOOOOOOO strict on ID over here. She called her friend and we got in. Ner a sign of any more problems… Read the full story

Jun 06

First day or two photos.

My Crew

OK, I sprained my wrist so this will be short. Here are a couple fo photos so Sarah knows who I’m talking about.

Phone charger stolen, money stolen, bank AIB and credit card stolen (Or lost at a beach party) and no money left. Having the best holiday ever.I wish I could live in San Diego. Miss you Sarah Lots and lots. More photos can be seen HERE

Jun 06

California, California, Here we are.

OK, now that I am here and a little more settled I can update this a bit. I’ll just give a brief rundown of what has happened so far.

First of all, the entire journey was 25 hours in total. Leaving Sarah was horrible and I really didn’t want to go. 🙁 When I got to London, I had a few drinks in the bar and a half hour before my flight (I like to board last) I realised I was in the wrong terminal. So I was running like a lunatic, had to get a bus and when I go to terminal 2 I could hear my name being called out and I knew my summer had begun. 🙂 Read the full story

Jun 06

San Diego :)

To keep my baby happy, this is just a quick note to say that I arrived here safe and sound, met a large group of people who I will hopefully be living with. Accommodation is VERY hard to find. Place is AMAZING, it is exactly like you see on TV. Lots of surfers and were staying in a surfer town. I have loads of photos I will update this site when I have more time. I just found out the library has free wireless internet, so Im sorted. Tomorrow or the next day Ill have a full update.

Miss Sarah and Buttons and Jennifer and my family and friends very much. Jen, if I call, please PLEASE answer.I need to wish you good luck.

Talk soon.
Livin’ it up in the SD.

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