Apr 05

Leaving Hanoi -I’m leaving EVERYWHERE

Seems like I’m leaving everywhere I go. In reality, I know, I am. Even though I am only here two days, I have learned so much and had a wonderful time. Just as I’m getting to know my way around and all. 🙁

First thing I will not miss is the incessant (Is it spelt correct? My spell checker is broken) hailing of moto and cyclos. EVERY 5 feet, someone asks ‘You want motorbike?” Or “You want Cyclo?”. They bark and make strange noises to get your attention and turning to them and saying ‘For fuck sake, if I want one, Ill ASK!” makes no difference. Also the beeping. No-one pays attention, not even me any more.

Anyway, apart from that, I had a lot of fun. Last night I went to the Water puppetry show. really unfortunate that it was all in Vietnamese and ruined a little by the Japanese coming in late. They all seem to travel in such big groups! Fortunately got sat beside an Australian girl who was travelling alone also. Read the full story

Apr 05

35 hour train to Hanoi – phew

OK, I JUST got to Hanoi and had some Street Noodles (Vietnam breakfast) and am letting everyone know I got here safe (If anyone cares) 😉 What a F*%&ing journey!

Went for a romantic dinner with the lads and a few beers so they could see me off. That they did. Nicest meal since I’ve been travelling. Arrived at the train station and everything went off without a hitch. The lady who sold me the ticket was going to Na Trang so I shared the taxi and with her SCREAMING child. Realized quickly that we were opposite sides of the train so I was all alone again. (Thank Buddha!… I couldn’t handle a child like that for 35 hours)

Got to my “room” which is 4 beds, kinda like what you see in the movies. It was only me and ONE other person. A girl with the EXACT same birthday as me and studying computer science too. Downside? She spoke ABSOLUTELY NO ENGLISH and I mean NONE. Read the full story

Apr 05

Saigon – Time Gone

Xin Chau all, Ong khoe khong! Its my last day in Saigon. God damn me for losing my bank card. I need to make it up to Hanoi for the 10th (Sunday I think) and I need to see that to before my visa expires. Should not have bought it in Hong Kong. 🙁 Really sad to be leaving even though its only been a few days. So far, this has been the nicest city I have visited.

Been out quite a lot over here and have become a master at badminton (Again) hehehe 😉 and also Killer (Version of pol) and “Kicky”, A game we play in the park kicking a small ball with a feather attached to it to keep it up. Look at me al sporty and all!

Met up with lots of people over here. Met some guys from Siem Reap, Cambodia (Hello Donny mate! Good luck in Delat!) and a rake load more new friends. 3 Cork girls and 4 Irish lads as well as the group from my bus here. Its a MASSIVE group which is quite cool cos there’s always something to do.

Went to the Cu Ci tunnels yesterday which was pretty cool, but really touristy. Pretty interesting though. Went to see the Land Mind victims craft centre to. Really sad. Didnt take any photos of that obviously. Read the full story

Apr 05

Saigon – City of CRAZY traffic

After my little ordeal in Phnom Penh I was finally on my way to Saigon. This is just an update to let everyone know that the journey and border crossing is very peasant and straight forward. I got here safe and so fr I really love it.

Met a group on the bus here who are really cool. Two English guys, the two French Canadians from PP and three Irish girls (From Tallagh!).

Had lots of Craic on the bus here and me and Manuel braved the out of the bus at the Mekong river crossing. HUNDREDS of children flocking around us trying to sell everything from bread to the “Unknown”. My bracelet and necklace were tugged and I was groped fiercely in an effort to get my money. Apart from that when the commotion died down, we had a lot of fun playing games with the children and buying some food. Read the full story

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