Dec 10

First Two Weeks In Melbourne

How the time has flown in. Here two weeks already. Having a fantastic time. The blistering hot sunshine really isn’t making it easy to believe that it’s December and the constant flow of Facebook updates complaining about the traffic and cold isn’t making it any easier. Sitting here watching a beautiful sunset while the Facebook newsfeed complains about treacherous conditions and snow ins. Anyway, I’ll keep this as brief as possible.

Arrived after an amazingly comfortable flight. Business class is certainly worth the price you pay. Full lie flat beds and proper cooked meals at any time you want. On the first leg, I had four steaks and watched movies for the entire time. In the business class lounge in Abu Dhabi after losing and finding my wallet, I got to say hello to the frizzy haired one from “Two pints of Lager” (really this time). On the second, longer leg, I slept for most of it. I was tucked in and the Air Hostess tucked me in and left a bottle of water beside me for when I woke up. The second I did wake up, she was over like a light to take my breakfast order. Read the full story

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