Nov 10

I ♥ Belgium – I ♥ Techno

A last minute hectic booking. The recipe for a fantastic event. I ♥ techno has been an event I have always wanted to attend ever since I got back from Asia. Unfortunately, due to it’s date in November, something always came up and got in the way. Usually something work related. This time, rather than head to Australia a few days early, I convinced Essy to come along and see what all the fuss was about.

Luckily, the idea had been festering in my head as a result of Carolyn, a friend I had met only two three or four times before pestering me about going. She’s one of the types that tries to get as big a crew together for everything, even if she barely knows most. She facebooked me her details, me and Essy booked and before I knew it I was standing at Dublin Airport with Es, Caz and Brona, Carolyn’s friend. Read the full story

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