Nov 06

Die Fatherland

OK, I know I have not had any updates for a while. It’s taken quite a long time to get the house and settle down, so in the next week, I’ll start updating. A few photos too. Been too busy working over here to be posting anything and I guess Sarah has been keeping everyone up to date anyway through text message, email or Bebo.

This was the last entry of my “phase one” when I went to live in Germany for the year with Sarah. In brief, Germany, Konstanz in particular was awesome. I absolutely loved my time there but really slipped up on learning the language as Sarah was so fluent.

The summers were beautiful and the winters were snowier than any snow I had ever seen. We lived a little outside the town, right beside a mental asylum that we had to walk through at night to get home. There’s too much that happened over a year to cover in one post so I wont try. The Christmas, the Christmas markets, the trips to Switzerland, the incredibly creepy version of German Halloween and random trips around Germany when people came to visit. The photos tell most of the story.


  1. JoelSonnet says:

    Hey we really haven’t heard anything from you in a long time, I’d really like to get another update on how everything is going, let us know.

    Joel Sonnet

  2. Michele says:

    It has been far too long a time since you last blogged. I sure hope everything is good for you. We appreciate everything you soldiers are doing for us back in the states. Stay safe and know you are thought of often.

    Many Thanks,
    Michele Antionette

    • Dave says:

      Hi Michele,
      Thanks for the kind words. As I mentioned above, there’s another update coming. Another adventure if you will.

      Watch this space.

  3. Rob says:

    Are you ever going again or was “Phase One” enough?

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