Jun 05

The Big BIG Apple!

Well, after finally arriving here, and meeting a LOT of people in my hostel and MAYBE going to DINGDONGS in Harlem (It is safe).

The Hostel is EXCELLENT despite the bad reviews on the Internet. The yanks are too fussy. I suppose, I stayed in some shitholes, so this is LUXURY for me. I have blankets AND hot water and everyone is pretty cool. Everyone is like….

So anyway, here and out with Shanon. We helped Ellie with her bags (Its her first day travelling and shes off to camp America as a camp leader). The poor girl, she’s from NZ and she was like a scared little girl. We took her bags to the Subway and then to Port Authority bus station and sent her on her merry little way. Read the full story

Jun 05

Nightmare Journey

OK, I have FINALLY arrived in The Big Apple! Its so refreshing to have Internet access too! And WOOOOO is it fast!

Anyway, my journey from hell started in Yangon when my flight to Bangkok was cancelled. So I had to wait around for 6 hours to get another one and that is NOT a fun airport to be waiting around in. I was “Randomly” searched twice while waiting. Hmmm…Why? They also took the memory card from my camera and looked at all my (Or lack of) photos from Burma. Anyway…moving swiftly on…..

Arrived barely safe in Bangkok. Had to wait another 4 hours in Bangkok Airport for my flight. My Journey and last day in Thailand would NOT be complete without me loosing my phone. And that’s what I did. Oh well.

Oh, Guess what…when it was time to check in, I was picked for a random open luggage check. Why? Don’t know! Anyway, after 30 mins of trying to get my tickets changed, I got checked in and was finally on my way. But wait….it Wouldn’t be right if I wasn’t….you guessed it… randomly picked for a “Routine random search” on BOARDING! . Upon my search, I asked…Why? The lady who initiated the bag check said that “I looked like a guy with an English passport she saw earlier”. Hmmmm. Interesting. Read the full story

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