Jun 05

The Big BIG Apple!

Well, after finally arriving here, and meeting a LOT of people in my hostel and MAYBE going to DINGDONGS in Harlem (It is safe).

The Hostel is EXCELLENT despite the bad reviews on the Internet. The yanks are too fussy. I suppose, I stayed in some shitholes, so this is LUXURY for me. I have blankets AND hot water and everyone is pretty cool. Everyone is like….

So anyway, here and out with Shanon. We helped Ellie with her bags (Its her first day travelling and shes off to camp America as a camp leader). The poor girl, she’s from NZ and she was like a scared little girl. We took her bags to the Subway and then to Port Authority bus station and sent her on her merry little way.

Now me and Shanon are in the biggest Internet cafe I have ever seen somewhere west of 40th. 😉 (I’m well up on my lingo already)

Went for some coffee and bagels earlier and strolled around the downtown area. WOW. I love and hate this city.

Have to go now and …hmmm go flake about in Central Park. Or Maybe grab a Mocha in Central Perk. OR… I wonder if Samantha Jones is still around 😉

Photos next update!

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