Aug 06

Falling… From The Sky

So anyway, yesterday I had….. The most AMAZING experience of my life. I finally got to tick the box (On the list of things to do before I die) beside…..SKYDIVE.

After everyone backed out of the skydive Dave O Connell tried to organize, I said fuck it. I’ll do it myself. When I booked it, Jenny said she wanted to do it. So we were all set. We booked ourselves in for the Friday. Everyone seemed to get jealous. 😉 One by one, people were throwing me deposits for the jump. Cape May got on board and we got the list up to 20 people!

We decided to go (out?) in style, so we booked a stretched limo for the (return?) trip. I was physically sick the night before. Went to the pictures and couldn’t even remember the film, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Read the full story

Aug 06

Some Updates From OB

OK, so it’s been a while since I’ve been around these parts. Been up to a lot since my baby came over. Had fun and Gaire in Vegas, and with Sarah getting her first lap dance, that only sweetened the deal….

Anyway, had a deadly time when Sarah came down to OB and met all my house mates and her family for a week. Think she kind of freaked out a little when we first arrived as there was a regular cliff session when we got back and she had to meet about 50 people all at once. By the way babe, everyone was very impressed that you remembered most of the names so quickly. Read the full story

Jul 06

Viva Las Vegas And All That

Just in the middle of typing a big long update so this will tie you over. Uploaded a few hundred more photos. You should know where to check by now. Sarah’s gone and I’m very sad. Sally, I miss you. Had a deadly time in Vegas and may be heading back.

Trip to Vegas with Sal, Mo and Bren was absolutely amazing. After meeting with Bren and Mo in LA, we decided one morning to just book the feckin flight and head up. Someone just wanted to gamble while someone else wanted to take lots and lots of photos of wildlife.

Se we booked the flight. Myself and Sarah stayed in the Venetian, Mo and Bren stayed in the Bellagio. Read the full story

Jun 06

Welcome to the house of fun

Right, now that we are just about settled and the housewarming parties have been had I can make a bit more of a detailed update.

So we have moved into our two houses and so too practically have our neighbors. We only have one bad neighbor and he’s the one who keeps calling the police. I have only had my name taken once because we take turns answering the door to the shades and they cannot come into the house.

So eventually, our second house is ready. You can see from the photo we have a pretty sweet setup. I am in the front house and the house directly behind it is our second house. The house to the left is empty and the house tot he right is our cool German neighborhoods. The house to the back left is our American frat/sorority (I don’t understand the whole thing) girls house where the coolest neighbours of fall time live. They are really like you see in college films. Jenny, Rachel and Dee are just fantastic. Read the full story

Jun 06

Barely there.

OK, So we have signed our lease on our first house and we are waiting on the stupid landlord to fit the carpet in the second house so everyone can move in. In the meantime, we have all “moved” from the hostel and officially moved into our house. The parties have not begun because the landlord is a weirdo and keeps walking right into the house at the strangest times. Basically, he thinks there are 3 people living in the house, but really there are now 17. We cannot keep hiding in the closet forever!

The house is pretty big but we are literally sleeping on top of each other. Drinking every night means you just take the first free spot you see. I am actually used to sleeping in a bed with people I don’t know now!

Read the full story

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