Jun 06

Welcome to the house of fun

Right, now that we are just about settled and the housewarming parties have been had I can make a bit more of a detailed update.

So we have moved into our two houses and so too practically have our neighbors. We only have one bad neighbor and he’s the one who keeps calling the police. I have only had my name taken once because we take turns answering the door to the shades and they cannot come into the house.

So eventually, our second house is ready. You can see from the photo we have a pretty sweet setup. I am in the front house and the house directly behind it is our second house. The house to the left is empty and the house tot he right is our cool German neighborhoods. The house to the back left is our American frat/sorority (I don’t understand the whole thing) girls house where the coolest neighbours of fall time live. They are really like you see in college films. Jenny, Rachel and Dee are just fantastic.

So anyway, on Saturday we had our first official housewarming party. The American girls bought us a load of stuff, kegs, beer bongs, and a beer pong / flip cup / friendship table, bunting and ribbons. We started off doing beer bongs in the morning and went to the ob festival where we entered the chilli cook-off (Tasting), played hoops and had rock climbing races. That night, all our friends from Linda Vista, Point Loma and Pacific beach came up and it was a mental night. About 200 people all in our houses and eventually we had to go to our private beach. (Santa Cruz beach / the crab shack / lovers cove) 😉 Absolutely brilliant night and a massive sleepover from Aoife the ledges group. More photos of that night to come. MANY more.

Last night, Grainne and he group got kicked out of the hostel, so now we have to put them up for a week. So in the past 3 days, Conor and Helena moved into our place, the new girl Aisling (All from Swords) and now the six other Dublin people. Our house is on par with the San Diego record holders! 25 in one 3 bed house!

Been going out dancing with the Gem and her crew as well as with the boys who are over 21. Its a bit shit that only 3 people out of all 30 odd of us is under 21 so we feel a bit bad leaving them. Pacific beach is a great clubbing spot and is super on a …Tuesday night. Always something to do here.

Heading to TJ (Tijuana) tomorrow night in a stretched hummer (Fits 22) so everyone can drink there. $12 into a club and free drink all night. A messy night will be had by all.

Thursday, me and Shane are going to the Dundalk girls PJ party and eating ice cream, Friday is downtown trance night and Saturday we’re throwing another party.

This is my second day off drink in a row so my memory is coming back. We haven’t been doing much other than drinking, dancing, having parties and going to the beach and of course…panning out. Missed electric daisy carnival (The USA’s biggest rave) but had a deadly party instead.

Learned how to play hurling and I love it. Believe it or not, I’m getting quite good. Smoking too much and drinking too much but eating very healthy and I have a wonderful healthy pink tan.

Missing Sarah and everyone at home. Library is closing now so I better head off. Gonna document stuff in a notebook from now on so I can actually have something interesting to write next time.

Having a fucking ball. Ocean Beach, San Diego, Best place in the world. Wish you were all here. Vegas on the 1st of August. See you all there. It will be sick. 😉

Proper update on Sunday. (The day of pan)
Uploaded another few photos if anyone is interested HERE


  1. Jen says:

    Hey, this is mamo.

    just looking at yr pictures.ye are all mad.where is t one of your job? i am learing to surf t net. so now i can keep in touch.buttons is fine. i dont think she misses u as much this time cos she is eating like a horse.do u want me to send out tea bags with sarah?t forest road is closeing for three monthsi just thought all u guys from swords would like to know that. well have to go now. my typing skills are not up to scratch and jen is going mad. so bye bye. love you. mamo. p.s i wrote this all by myself.yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jen says:

    hey Dave, can you call me A.S.A.P as I have something I need to discuss with you.
    Either that, or send me an e-mail on the address you use most frequently- you have so many that I don’t know which ones you check.
    Thanks and I’m glad you’re having so much fun. Your loving sister. x x x

  3. beans says:

    story bulb….remembered my password….looks like a sweet setup man…fair play…anywho..must dash..was just seeing if this was the correct pass.


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