Jun 06

Barely there.

OK, So we have signed our lease on our first house and we are waiting on the stupid landlord to fit the carpet in the second house so everyone can move in. In the meantime, we have all “moved” from the hostel and officially moved into our house. The parties have not begun because the landlord is a weirdo and keeps walking right into the house at the strangest times. Basically, he thinks there are 3 people living in the house, but really there are now 17. We cannot keep hiding in the closet forever!

The house is pretty big but we are literally sleeping on top of each other. Drinking every night means you just take the first free spot you see. I am actually used to sleeping in a bed with people I don’t know now!

There are 4 Daves living in the house, and I wont tell you how we distinguish. 😉 Was dogger Daves birthday last night but myself, Jon boy and Ciaran (The man from Del Monte) went to meet the girls in PB (Pacific Beach). The clubs there are deadly. My lil Jem was there to introduce us to her new friends that just arrived. They are living in Linda Vista now so we’re going to miss them. (Not the newbies).

Went for an interview yesterday to be a wine waiter and filled in a few application forms. The girls are the only ones getting jobs over here! Claire and Breffo got jobs in a t-shirt shop and they have not even got a working visa! OML.

Anyway, the place is great. Absolutely LOVING classy San Diego. It’s a real surfer place and nobody ever seems to do anything. Just my kind of place. People look at you strange if your not lazy.

Mark (Smokie) got us all kicked out of the hostel because we have been staying with friends that are still there because its closer to the main beach. (Click on “See Dave” below to see how close our house is to the beach.) Our private cove is deadly and it looks like we’ll have to drink there during the week from now on because the shades say they are going to start making examples of us Irish. It’s grand though because there are lots of house parties already. God help OB when ours start!

I am a little hung-over and my mind is really hazy so I cannot think of any stories to tell you. Just that my new family are great, everyone is in the same boat and I’m having a really good time. Eating lots of fruit, cooking lots of decent food and drinking lots of water 😉 I really miss Sarah though.

Beans, stay in touch. Sarah well done on passing your exams! I’m so proud of you. Sinead, sorry it’s late, but happy birthday and thanks for the blogroll link. Jen, well done on getting through your exams in one piece! Tell buttons I said hi and I miss her too. Thurles, welcome back to work.

I will definitely be updating this more because we are getting the internet into the house soon. The American college girls in the other house are rich and want it so ….

Now, its late enough for me to go to the beach and not burn. Uploaded another few photos if anyone is interested HERE


  1. Jen says:

    hello son, this is mamo and Jen.

    I’m glad you have a big family now- I don’t remember having all those kids!
    Send us a picture of the outside of your house- so I can see if I approve- Mamo

    Buttons Davis.com is fine, she says hello and she misses you.
    She ran up the road towards the airport the other day looking for you.

    Got the third Sopranos- Yahoo!

    Niamh and Karl say hello. They hope you’re keeping well and having a good time. They booked their holiday- they’re going to Greece.
    Niamh hopes your having a good time.
    Do you know why?
    because you’re a bitch. 😛

    Got the six feet under boxset.
    Have you seen any?
    I’ll let you know how it is.

    Florrie and George say heeelllooooooo.

    Keep texting, we love you. x x x x x

  2. Dave says:

    Awww you guys! I’m having a great time and I’m in the process of uploading some pictures of the outside of my house. We are taking turns to bring our cameras out and it hasn’t been my turn yet so I have very few pictures.

    I absolutely wet myself at Niamhs comment. Because she’s a bitch. Niamh, Aideen Curran says hello. I hope your looking after my lil brudder.

    Cannot wait to watch all the box sets when I get home.
    Tell Florrie and George I said hello too.

    Now, to update the site and some photos.

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