Feb 05

Maps and updates

OK, so I finally got some pretty detailed maps done up of my locations. I had originally had the world map but had way too much fun and decided to do …. ehem… a few more localized ones. You can pretty much see my journey in both phase one and phase two (As I am calling them). Phase one being my solo round the world trip and phase 2 being my European rail trip with Sarah Feel free to comment on any of them. This is by no means a definite guide as we all know, even the best laid plans are subject to change…and thats why it’s an adventure.

In other news, I have all my accommodation for Thailand, Hong Kong and California booked and ready. How organized am I! Good owl “Internet money” allowing me to save my cash for more …. necessities. 😉 Starting to get really nervous now. Just a few little bits and bobs to tie up and I’m good to go.

Finally, regarding the site, I have sorted out the new photos and discussion areas. Anyone can now view my entire gallery and have a little chat with me depending on where I am. Hope SOMEONE apart from me finds it useful.

Enough of my rants. Its the first of the month. I’m supposed to be sorting out my sleep pattern.


  1. dionsis says:

    hey dave

    love ya


  2. lyncon says:

    Thats some Journey. I wish you all the best and a safe arrival home. we’re al so jealous. Trip of a lifetime!

  3. Good luck, man. You’re going to have a fantastic time. I hope my advice was useful. I know it never makes sense before you’re actually on the ground. Just remember this about Bangkok: Tuk Tuks are fun for 1 short trip to say you did it and rush hour traffic only. The other times you’ll probably end up at a tailor or jewlry shop.

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