Apr 05

Site updated

OK, just after checking the stats of this site and reading the feedback sent I have made a few changes. First of all, you don’t need an email address to leave a comment, so please feel free to leave a comment but PLEASE make sure you leave your name so I know who it is. Any abuse of this system ala www.swordsdublin.com will result in me turning it off. Finally, I would like to thank the 2000+ people a day reading this website, whoever and wherever you are. All those travel sites linking to me, thank you too. I’m …… honoured.


  1. Martina says:

    Hi Dave,

    I am one of the 2,000 reading your site. But you also know me, hint, Coppinger is surname!!! Yes, Sarah’s aunt. I am jealous as we were there for new year last year. I have been following all your travels and it is a great adventure as myself and Conor know too. Make the most of it, when you get back you will “forget” you were ever away.

    We were also in Cambodia so enjoyed reading your stories there.

    Sorry this is short, have tried before to reply but made a “balls” of it.

    Take care of yourself.


  2. beans says:

    story bulb,
    who the fuck are the 2000 peeps reading this everyday?!! i feel like were being spied on! anywho, just ad-clikin so i thought id say howdy.”howdy”. i met ems down on main st yesterday and told her bout the site, had ketchup on my boat race 🙁 anyway, keep it real..like the pic of you with the shades on…who’d yeh tink yeh are bruce willis!!die hard! dude yeh didnt say die hard.they are bringin out a new die hard…justin timberlake is to play john mc clanes son,dunno wot thats aboot.



  3. cuffy says:

    alright dave

    im inspired to organise a bigger waterfight

  4. Dave says:

    Cheers Martina. Thanks for the comment. I’d bet your pretty pissed not being here if you have already seen what its like. Back me up here, tell them that I was not exagerating! And of course I knew who you were. Your the only Martina that I know! Yea, I really want to go back to Cambodia. It was so different. Sometimes scary but still fun. Dont worry about making a balls of it. I can fix it all up (And youll notice that I did already). Finally, what do you mean Ill “Forget i was ever away?”. Does it get that bad?

  5. Dave says:

    Beans (Or “Slick” as you prefer to be called, especially by your parents), thanks for letting Emma know. Shes left some comments and wrote in the forum so its cool. I hate wearing “Shades” but I need them over here and anyway, I think I look way sexier in them than Mr.Willis ever could. 😉
    Only slapping your right bum cheek slick. Stay in touch and good luck with the portfolio and exams coming up soon.

    Stay off the grog and stop leaving messages on my mothers answering machine. She doesnt want to buy a wall mounted hand dryer.
    Love you too.
    Stay slick…. slick.

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