Jan 05

Booked, ready and confirmed!

OK, so today me and Sarah went into town to collect my tickets and guess what? NOTHING went wrong! Everything was exactly the way it should have been. The names on the tickets were correct, the address, even the destinations were correct! Something must be amiss….

Anyway, Melissa was not there today, but thats grand cos shes not the boss of me and Sarah was there so it was really nice. Thanks Sal, I know you didn’t want to be there, but I appreciated it a lot. Thanks for coming to cafe aroma with me too! 😉

After many phone calls this week to various travel insurance companies, I ended up forking out over 250 Euros to USIT for their worldwide travel insurance that covered “Hazardous activities” which I had to get because for some reason, the insurance company thinks its “Hazardous” to ride on an elephant, scuba dive and snorkel! Snorkel for god sake! Do we need insurance to dip our faces into the bath when playing submarines? The answer to that is that we do not play submarines.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I have not even left yet and I’m talking pony. Just have to save like an Essex whore now to pay for the trip!

On an off note, the site forum and photo gallery are about 99.99% complete. Not that anyones interested, but I’ll let you know. Click my ads!

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