Mar 05

Leaving Thailand

I have had to delete the last few posts from my site because its a little messed up for some reason. Anyway, I just got off the train back from Chiang Mai and am now sitting in a cafe in Bangkok airport on the fastest internet station in Thailand! Bout time! Train journey down was good. All my friends bought me a taxi and followed me to the station on their motorbikes. It was really sad leaving. I told everyone I’m coming back and I fully expect to, but for some reason, most of them KNOW I’m never going to see them again.

Anyway, Ill post my previous news here. Its a long read, so bear with it.

Sorry for the lack of updates folks (Those who are actually bothering to read the site!). OK, so I am back in Chiang Mai as this has to be the best place on earth. I’m still sick but nowhere near as bad. Just a remaining chest infection putting a downer on everything.

Left Ais in Bangkok airport after her ordeal and she got off fine. Glad to see a smile on her face. Lucky me got a flight back to Chiang Mai 5 mins after her flight. So we have all gone our own separate ways now anyway. God knows she deserved it!

Anyway, glad to have left the southern islands. FAR too hot, too alcohol fuled and drug fuled and no culture. its just like a hotter Playa Des ingles. Now I’m staying with Thai friends again in Chiang Mai and learning a LOT more Thai. Met a girl in a club the other night that offered me a job (TEFL) teaching English so I could stay here. But that’s doubtful. 😉

I have decided to give the whole China, OZ and Fiji thing a miss and do the whole SEA thing instead. So as of now, my Itinerary has changed to the following: next stop, Hong Kong for a few days for my visa run, then Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos then back to Thailand so I can fly out of Bangkok (man im sick of that airport!) to LA and do the whole America thing. I do not think I allocated enough time to see everything here.

Anyway, been out at a music festival (weird Dijereedoo and jazz fuzion) and seen all the touristy stuff. Stayed in a hotel to recover from the Malaria and I think Im over the worst of it. Got a call from the doc from the results of my blood tests and aparently I have “Malaria quartana”, fortunatelly he said it is the mildest form but I will have it for a long time as it does not go away.

Anyway, going out clubbing again tonight. Have so many new friends its wonderful and im really having fun. Just miss Sarah lots and lots.

Anyway everyone, take care and i PROMISE ill have all my photos tomorrow. (I got them put on CD for me) 😉

Hope the weather back is in the 30s too!


Now to continue. I lost my CD and memory card so I have NO photos! ALL gone! I’m SOOOOOO pissed off. But then again, I think all my important photos are inside my head. (Sorry for sounding like a really old wise traveller!).

Just walking down the street the other day with friends and I met LOADS of people from SAME-SAME in KPN! It was so cool seeing everyone again. They had also picked up some stragglers along the way too so there was a great big group of us all out clubbing. I was so happy to see everyone again (The short time I stayed with them on KPN) .

Walking out of the club up a road, Lisa (AKA GLADDIS! Sorry!) got her bag whipped off her shoulder by a motorbike thief. She ran after him, grabbed her bag, pulled the guy off the bike and beat the shit out of him. SHE GOT ARRESTED! Can you believe that! The cops came and took HER down the station. Good job she only had to pay 100 Euro to get out, but sheesh…. Justice is blind! Me Darren, Jamal and Ion (The Lads) just stared at this with out mouths open. A chick kicking the shit out of a robber! (See Lisa? Told you I’d make you look cool!)

Anyway, I have arranged to meet up with my friends again in Cambodia as I am doing SEA the oposite way to them now. I’m really starting to get used to this whole travelling alone thing. Weird but true. Still miss everyone from home though and ESPECIALLY Sarah.

Got off the train and have had some food and coffee here so I’m waking up a bit now. Met two gay guys on the train down. Really good laugh. One from Hawaii who came back to his Thai boyfriend after a trip home to find his house empty, his dogs gone, his car gone and all his Thai business cancelled. He also ran a school and all parents had been notified that the school was closed! His Thai boyfriend ripped him off royal! We just had a few beers and laughed about it while he gave me tips about travelling. His new boyfriend (Another Thai) joined us a while later. I bought them cokes and man…. They were so impressed with me buying cokes for them that I got a free dinner, free water and 40 free smokes (Yes, I’m back on them!). Thai people are soooo cool!

Anyway, I’m gonna go check in now and maybe try take a sha somewhere but will probably be so bored that Ill use this again. Hope this works and everyone knows I’m OK. On way to Hong Kong now so Ill update you from there.

This is Dave Davis
Fuck you San Diego

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  1. cuffey says:

    i reckon thats the longest one you’ve posted so far,
    shud check your forum there dave, filled ya in on goldenplec gettting hacked and me catching ALL his info and reporting him to the FBI

    and goldenplec is nearly back on its feet, the members rallied around to help and do any tasks i asked, it was brilliant, i cant believe the team / community / following ive created

    Sounds like your gonna miss thailand alright, but suppose you cant stay there for ever ( unless you live there, or move there)
    your forever loosing things, why did you even bring your camera and card readers and money with you, you know your gonna loose it anyway.

    anyway aaron needs me to finish fixing his site so im off to clean up more of your messy code


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