Apr 05

Leaving – will it ever end

Leaving Chiang Mai again. Heading to Laos in about an hour. No internet there so this will be my last post for a good long while. Take care everyone and yes, I’ll try and have a nice birthday. 😉 BYE!


  1. Mamo says:

    Well it’s a while since I left a message as I have been talking to you on the phone and texting.
    Aren’t you the lucky guy having 2000 + people looking at your website! Are you sure it’s not the year?

    “What!?” I can’t believe you broke your camera! The one you were giving to me, Dave you silly moo!

    Make sure you have a reciept for the hopitalSSS you’ve been in also. The medication you got and the insurance will pay you back, But you need proof!

    What is the meaning of your camera being your baby number three?!
    Well, myself and Jen know who your baby one and two are but if your camera id number three then where do we fit in?!

    Say hi to Cyril for menow I know what she loos like! A picture with a name! Have a great time in Laos and DON’T lose anything else.

    You have some cheek saying fifty is OLD… most of my mates are over fifty and they still party hard! Remember that time you had to put us in a taxi cause we were still partying away… Life begins from forty up!
    And you’re heading that way son!

    Sorry to hear Matt had to go home, hope his foot gets better soon. I have a face to his name too.

    Well, not much is happening here, The weather is still shite! Work is shite too, I’m on those terrible nights that I hate. Nana and Da say hi
    It’s Rachael’s 21st on the same day of your 22nd. It’s Elaine Smith’s 21st too that weekend! You know, Treasa’s daughter 😉

    Remember what Savals Aunt Said, when you come back, It will all be a distant dream so enjoy!
    Take care, Enjoy Laos and mind yourself. Mick says hi! Love you, mamo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Jen says:

    Heya Dave, enjoy your birthday.

    I got mam into The OC, now we’ve two addicts in the house!

    Talk to you soon. Miss you xxxxxxxx

  3. Eugene says:

    Hi Dave,
    Hope you’re on the mend. Just back from the Sahara on Monday night. Big reception at the airport. Kids dressed in Ireland jersies and leprechaun hats etc. I survived OK. Spot of bother on day one which meant I had problems on day two. After that, I was flying. Finished very strong. One of my pals, Gary, came home on a crutch – a bit of a hole in his foot. He’ll be OK.
    Back eating real food again, Bassetts liquorice allsorts and Maynards wine gums – great.
    I saved Shamrock Rovers while I was away. They are gone into examinership. I made a satelite phone call from the Sahara to the High Court and got my tuppence worth in. The judge went for the examinership option instead of liquidation so Rovers have 90 days to get their act together.
    A former Hitler Youth member has been elected Pope.
    Manure were beaten by Everton last night and Chelski drew with Arsehole so the league is wrapped up.
    The GAA have voted to allow foreign games like soccer and rugby to be played in Croker.
    That’s all the news for now. I have to get ready for the big party in my honour in Aisling’s ( my sister ) house on Saturday. Maura is coming up from Limerick and Jacinta is flying over from Surrey. Are they mad or what?

  4. aisling says:

    hello BIRTHDAY BOY,

    just wishing you an early birhtday wish because i won’t be on the net over the w-end!

    hope that you have the weirdest birthday experience (in a good way) you really will be spending it so differently…so enjoy my friend! 🙂

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Dear Dave…happy birthday to you!

    look after yourself!


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