May 05

Going nowhere

OK, after my previous post, I think I should clarify that , in the words of Incubus, “It’s just a phase”. Was feeling a little browned off for the first time. I’m all better now despite the fact…. ready for it…. My new phone, the Samsung D-500 was STOLEN the other night. 🙁 Oh well, I learned my lesson… no more phones, expensive ones, for me. 🙂

I met up with Gavin and Nena (Who dragged along two new guys from England going to Burma) and we went to a house party in the back arse of nowhere. Absolutely DEADLY night, but when everyone woke up in the morning, one person was gone. Some English p%$ck along with me and Nenas phones and 5000 Bhat from the owners drawer. Just goes to show, don’t even trust the rich foreigners you meet along the way!

The party was really great, Thai people are so friendly and nice I cannot get over it and its nice to be away from the bars and clubs and just being here…really. Nice to meet up with the others who did a REALLY nice thing for me…. read on.

Unfortunately, due to my overindulging on expensive phones and squandering my budget on good times, I have found myself, for the first time since travelling, absolutely SMASHED BROKE. I literally have 50 Euro in my Bank account. I have my ticket to Burma booked (Was supposed to leave on Friday) but obviously now cannot because theres no ATM’s in Burma.

Anyway, the guys said that they would stay until Monday (Because we all got open tickets to Rangoon/Yangon) which I found REALLY nice. I wish I had some photos of everyone for you guys, maybe Ill just buy a disposable and get them put on a CD before I leave.

Anyway, apart from that, I met up with Bren and Dell (Can’t remember if I mentioned that already) and had a deadly laugh. Hmmm… I did mention that already. Check out their website www.brenanddell.com to keep an eye on their adventure to date and lets see how quick Dell finds himself in the same situation as me now 😉 Only pulling your giant one Dell! 😉

Totally adapted to the weather over here now and I really think I’m gonna die when I come back to Ireland soon. Oh well, I also went to a “witch” (You know who you are) doctor about the skin on my back and owing to a very expensive German remedy… I’m almost cured! It does involve sleeping in my nip though… hehehehehe.

Down to 7 smokes a day now with a little help and as of Monday I’m to be either on 4 a day or off completely. I really think I can do it this time. My little witch is a legend. Nice one.

Finally, and this is not the reason I “Lost” my camera… but I lost a bet and I have to grow my hair long. Its been going almost 3 weeks now and because I have been shaving it at an almost daily rate for the past 6 years, its growing at a hyper rate now. Its the longest I can remember and it looks crazy. i do look stupid, but aparently the Asians like it, and it has to stay until I come home. I’m actually starting to like it. Don’t be surprised when I get home!

I’ll drop another update before I leave, probably a few more than that. I’m still feeling weird. If I’m still this dizzy tomorrow, Ill go to a hospital.

Now I know how the horsies feel 😉

Look after each other.


  1. nicola says:

    alrite bum fluff head!
    i can already imagine it, the rugrats’ chuckie meets chris evans!!!mmmmmmm,isnt sarah the luckiest girl!!!
    well, arsenal won the F.A. Cup today….i dunno if thats your cup of tea r not.im sure you didnt have money on it unlike my deadly,gambling boyfriend.any wind-up three legged mule would have him boot-leggin’ it down to paddy powers these days!!!!!
    real sorry to hear bout your unfortunate fone and camera history….BUT ya know wot you could use – urban outfitter have these deadly things,well theyre really for gloves or mitts, but its a string that goes from one hand up your sleeve across your shoulders and down the other arm.well anyway the best bit is that there are clips on the end of the strings that you can attach to your fone and camera.genius.and shit cool!!!
    oh,had my interview for college the other day,things are lookin peachy.
    back to bein a big bum in september.aghhh!
    i dont thinkn iv any more news for ya, i hope your sayin your prayers for kylie.wot would the world be without THAT bum………

    MO says hey,hes workin for a change!he cant wait to see ya.and now that hes shared a bed with eimh, ur next on his list!!honestly!long story!!gotta dash,its past my bed time. in work at 5am 2morro,real sociable!!

    Take Care

  2. Bren says:

    Hi Dave,

    Just saying a quick hello. Keep us posted. Literally.

    “I’ll be Charly and you can all be my angels…except for you…you be Bosley…”



  3. Katie says:

    Alright Daveypops! 😉

    Sorry to hear about yur phone and stuffs:(
    But your having an absloute blast and thats all that matters!
    I hear your coming back soon! Cant wait to see ya, keep enjoying yourself.

    Look out for walking fans…. dangerous.
    Gay tee

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