Dec 05

A local town for local people


London! (In a tubs accent). So we got our flight OK and after not one hitch we made our way to Stansted, blah blah, on the train and arrived somewhere in the middle of London.

Out of the “East end” exit for novelty purposes and we were on our way. Wandering around for a while waiting and killing time, we finally got a phone call from Rosin (Antos Aunt who we were supposed to be staying at).

She told us to get the tube to Camden to meet her. That we did, again, without ANY problems. We met up with her in Camden and all was great. She brought us to her “Office”. Not a bad little place considering it was the “TurnOnTV” studios! 🙂 Happy days!

After some brief intros (And nothing else!) we made our way to a local boozer in gear head central. Nice area and nice walk along the canal at night. Few beers there to get acquainted with the local brew and brewing customs and we were on our way to a ….. loft party. If that’s what they are called.

Outside the garage looking place, all seemed quiet, but after getting in it was like something from sex in the city. Rosin introduced us to a few people and we…. warmed up. Party was going good, about 200 people were there (IMHO), then the band came on. Some crazy experimental crap that bored a lot of people, including myself and Beans.

Party went on till all hours, ran out of booze and had a great oul dance. Even made myself a new lesbian friend (“Don’t worry, I’m into girls”) from Kerry. Or at least I thought she said that.

That night, after getting to our new home, the lads kipped out while I stayed up taking to Rosin. Not a bad move considering I talked my way into her bed. Fortunately, I also talked her into sleeping in her housemates bed.

Next day, after a nice LONG sleep, we got moving to see what we came for. The League Of Gentlemen show. After arriving slightly late (Because Anto doesn’t like anything but pizza and Thai food is not good enough) we took our seats. The show was amazing. VERY funny with a lot of new material. They got all the characters in (Well, almost) and the show was running in total for about 3.5 hours including intermission. Really quality show and I got a great seat right in the middle. Unfortunately, the Glamour party in Victoria was …… not ready for us.

After that we went to Hackney Central. Nice little club, for Black people. We got a hate crime committed against us. The club was filling up, and we were all sitting there, the only white people in the club, when the bouncer came over and told us that the place was closing in 10 mins. At 11 o clock? Hmmmm. There’s a queue a mile long outside, the bar is in full swing and there is a steady flow of people coming in. Why are we being asked to leave? We are sitting quietly having our drinks. Not being racist, but if a black person is asked to leave a pub full of white people, wouldn’t that go to like a hate crime supreme court or something? Oh well, moving on…..

Rosin went home because she couldn’t handle the pace and at this stage we were all drinking our previous hangovers away to oblivion. We walked for a bit to find a new watering hole and found the “Dolphin”. Strolling in, it was SOMETHING like the Queen Vic. With Karaoke and a pool table. Lots of rough looking Londoners and rougher singers. Our kinda place. Had a deadly night there talking to all sorts of hooligans and Spurs fans. 😉 and was even confused with that guy from the communards. Yea, Beans, yea…..

Next day was an early rise for some sightseeing and shopping until we woz dropping. Got a few pictures (As you can see) and went to a Cheers replica pub. Nice spot around Piccadilly Circus.Rosin treated us to an improv show at the world famous Comedy Store which was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. A few more beers when that was over then onto a “Comedown pub”. Great fun altogether. (Anto, I deliberately left out the seedy walk there…. just so you know. Lesson learned eh?)

Homeward bound for a nice game of Connect 4 before we popped into bed 😉

Next day, we travelled. We did a lot and we were stinky and exhausted.
I absolutely LOVED London and would give it a nine out of ten.

What goes on tour, stays on tour.

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