May 05

Arrived in Yangon

So I WAS lied to. There IS Internet cafes in Yangon. Can’t access Internet based email, but knowing your pop server addresses and having a list of anonymous proxy IP addresses (Stealth/elite for those in the know) goes a long way. You’d think the government would hire professionals to spread misinformation and prevent even mere mortals like me being able to do what I like. no offence guys, but Vietnams restrictions were harder to get passed!

Anyway, I got here safe last night after a nice flight through a thunder and lightning storm on the worst Airline I have flown with since Aeroflot to Mexico (Remember that Mammy?) 😉 Reached my hostel and they guys were still there… yeay! Struck me as odd, but they were sitting in reading and talking, not drinking. Seems like everything must close early here 😉 I was wrecked, so I just went to sleep.

Today was amazing. Yangon was NOTHING what I expected it to be. Its like…. a dirtier and more crappy version of Bangkok. I was not expecting to see the same thing here. People spit blood or something everywhere and its like everyone has gingivitis. They have some weird chewing gum stuff that makes their mouths red. I need to try me some of that. Aparently its like a snuff, gum, nicotine sub but who knows.

Anyway, regarding something else I had a preconception about…. I was right. I took a walk today which lead me here and I am like to only foreigner here. I’m glad in a way that “Nobody goes to Burma!” but it feels kinda weird. I have not done the touristy things here yet, I think I’m gonna leave it until my way back down because everyone else has seen it all and I would like to travel with them up north to Mandalay. I’ll decide later.

Don’t know if 400 Euro will last me here and I already changed some of my money at the Airport (Stupid mistake that Jim WARNED me not to make) and was ripped off by about …… 50% !!!!!

Anyway, I have a time limit here so I have to go.
I’ll try update again soon. Just to let the carers know I’m safe. 😉

Be careful and good luck with exams.
Miss you lots like blood red shots.


  1. Mo says:

    Hey dave finally got myself registered!!!!!!!!!! read all ur stuff today, sounds boring…… yeah rite man! i’d love it 2 b there with ye. see ye in a few weeks bud, i’ll start the flow on the stout in the centre 4 yeah, i’ll make sure its reeeeaaaalll good.

    miss ye
    love ye

    Mo x

  2. kraabel says:

    The red stuff is beatle nut juice, it’s a natural amphetamine. Think Red Bull with a kick. It’s been a long tradition in Burma that the men chew it all day long. The train station and street corners are typically dyed a bright red from the years of spitting. You’ll get use to it, although there’s no need to try it first hand.

    I got an exchange rate of $1US to about 960-988 Kyat. The Euro has a slightly better exchange rate. They good places to go for exchanges are jewl shops and/or around the temples. Make sure you carry enough Kyat when you book things like trains and boats, because they’ll charge you the Burmese exchange rate, which is about 480. At that point, things get mighty expensive.

    Small US bills that haven’t been marked will get you a long way. Many people won’t take a bill if it’s slighty warn or has any bends or rips in it. Based on some of the counterfit currency I’ve picked up in the region, I think I see why.

    Burma is for travelers, not tourists, as I stated before. It’s not for late night drinking. It’s about culture, temples, hiking and having enjoyable relaxing conversations with the Burmese populations.

    Try some of the Burmese chaeroot cigarettes. I’m not a smoker, but tried one — kicked my ass.

  3. Louise says:

    Hey Dave
    Thanks for the get well message…had an absolute nightmare last week. You’d think I’d be used to horse-riding accidents at this stage!! Ya know me though…I’ll just jump back on and keep at it! Felt very sore and sorry for myself when I got the cast off, so I booked a holiday! Off to Lanzorte Saturday week – myself and the boyf. Not quite the holiday you’re on but I’m so looking forward to it!
    Anyway…I’m dying to see the head – I can’t remember you with hair. Must dig out some old holiday snaps. I’m sure you had some at some stage;) I’ll be up to the club for a drink wit ya as when you do make it home.
    Take care

  4. Jen says:

    Thanks for the cinema update, that cinema sounds great!
    And here I am in Ireland, sitting upright in the cinema- gettin’ terrible service! 😛

    take care Davey 🙂
    x x x x x x x x

  5. cuffy says:

    i know jen its a travesty.

    i think we should protest and picket. take most of goldenplec.com with us and see if they listen, and if they dont, we can go drinking.

    hey dave, sorry i havent commented here in a while, exams were a bit shit, thought i failed the year for failing a practical coz i didnt demonstrate , freaked and ended up blanking in my programming exam. so i will have to repeat that. other than that i think i did ok.

    i made a bunny coming out of a top hat on my wall, made 100% with used cards. vey magical if you ask me. im gonna start learning some more magic stuff now, im taking up dice and coins, i already made jen scream in apache pizza at 3am with a dice trick, she lost the plot, she couldnt tell what was happening, nor why.

    You keep losing camera’s and phones….. buy insurance for it or something, and just keep claiming, you must be wearing a shirt saying “tourist – rob me” it happens that often, maybe its the same person each time, he’s following you around as an easy target.
    also you with a mop on top, i dunno dave, will it work, dave davis is all about cutting edge shaved head technology. your going to let a lot of scumbags down. they aspire to be like you.

    oh were organising the next round of goldenplec gigs, you might be home for them too. so it should be good craic if you wanna come. like these will be after the end of your interrailing. bands will be invite only and the profits are going to go to buy a box of a load of bands albums so we can open the goldenplec shop and get it all going. ambitous am i.

    anyway, you’r home now in a few weeks, loads to talk about when ya get home. like fixing things ive broke. lol , i mean i didnt break anything.

    luv ya


  6. carla says:

    hey chicks!!!!
    exams are finally over and man did I celebrate,can’t remember alot of the night but seems to have been good anyways!!!Like Cuffy I also screwed my programming exam so thats atleast one repeat I have but I don’t care now,results are out in 2 weeks!!!I hear you’ll be seeing Anita in good old New York aswell.Sarah said you might be home for my 21st if you are you better be out for it,I have to see the new mop on your head,won’t believe it till I see it!!!!

    Anyways hun can’t wait to see you and hope yo enjoy the rest of this adventure!!!

    Lots of love

  7. Anita says:

    You know you may have hair now…. but you’ll always be Bald Dave to me. Remember that!

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