Apr 05

Saigon – Time Gone

Xin Chau all, Ong khoe khong! Its my last day in Saigon. God damn me for losing my bank card. I need to make it up to Hanoi for the 10th (Sunday I think) and I need to see that to before my visa expires. Should not have bought it in Hong Kong. 🙁 Really sad to be leaving even though its only been a few days. So far, this has been the nicest city I have visited.

Been out quite a lot over here and have become a master at badminton (Again) hehehe 😉 and also Killer (Version of pol) and “Kicky”, A game we play in the park kicking a small ball with a feather attached to it to keep it up. Look at me al sporty and all!

Met up with lots of people over here. Met some guys from Siem Reap, Cambodia (Hello Donny mate! Good luck in Delat!) and a rake load more new friends. 3 Cork girls and 4 Irish lads as well as the group from my bus here. Its a MASSIVE group which is quite cool cos there’s always something to do.

Went to the Cu Ci tunnels yesterday which was pretty cool, but really touristy. Pretty interesting though. Went to see the Land Mind victims craft centre to. Really sad. Didnt take any photos of that obviously.

Just been chilling out here. Got woken up my my new pal NGAAN and went for breakfast and lunch and shopping with her and her family. I was treated so well, but it was so weird because they live a good bit out of the city and all the local children kept coming up to the windows and doors and looking in at me. When I caught their eye they al ran away. I’m talking 15-20 kids here. Bit difficult to try speaking Vietnamese, eat something you have never seen before and ignore that many children all at once. Real pleasure though.

Her Gay brother picked out some gay clothes for me so apparently I am no longer a scruffy backpacker, I have SOMETHING nice to wear when I get invited to a home in future. That’s at least one invite to a home for food and to meet the family in every place I have been so far. The friendliness, compassion, tolerance and kindness of the South Asian people is still so overwhelming to me, I’m terrified of going home and not having it. People go out of their way to help you. REALLY out of their way. So many people see it as a threat like they want something in return, but for all those lurkers out there, I assure you, they do not.

Anyway, I also TOTALLY splashed out and bought more new things: A case for my new CD’s, a shirt, a top (The gay one) some REAL Ray Bans ($140) hehehehe, some toothpaste , deodorant some baby powder. Man, I’m really running out of things to write about.

Ill leave you with that. I hope everyone is keeping well and I wont get a chance to update again until I get to Hanoi.

PS: I added a few more photos of Cambodia to the Cambodia photos section. The photos of the little girl and the other children are photos of children that were tortured to get the names of their family members and eventually bludgeoned to death and thrown into a mass grave. Sick bastards even took pictures of them (And here’s me taking a picture of their picture). Nice end to my post eh? Xin Loi!

****Happy Birthday Telly and Ais!****


  1. Ngann says:

    hello Dave. have fun and make sure you come back to happy with sara. miss you

  2. cuffy says:

    alright dave

    your muscle man outfit with the no sleeves, i couldnt believe that was you

    when the feck did you start working out.
    also i did that thing for sarah, so i think its all fixed now
    dont forget to reply to emails when ya can

    huzzah and hooooopla


  3. Mamo says:

    Xin Chau Dave,

    What do you mean, how did Hazel have another baby? Don’t tell me you’ve forgottwn about the Birds and the bees silly. The key and the lock!

    Can you get another Visa form Vientnam?
    Listen! If you meet up with another guy called Alan Bergin, he is your second cousin, he’s in Vietnam with his girlfriend backpacking.

    I’m glad to hear everyone is nice and you’re getting invited into their home’s. It must be so cool, I’m a bit worried though that you splashed out buying new things. Have you nothing left? What’s the betting you will leave them somewhere!! That bag must have been really light!

    Don’t forget it’s Mo’s birthday to, you didn’t tell the world about that and wish HIM a good ‘un!
    Everyone says hi. The photos are Excellent! I like the bandana 🙂

    Well, take care and keep safe. La Kawn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxmamo

  4. Dave says:

    Oh my God! I met him already! He’s living in Blanchardstown and theyre travelling with a guy named “Lob” from Cabra (Is that how you spell that?) Hes a bit of a big guy?

  5. Dave says:

    Hey Cuffy, I have always been like that. Trust me, the only working out I have done over here is livting my beer. I’d have a beer belly now if I wasn’t sweating the fat off me! Ive lost 1.5 stone since Feb!

    PS: Mamo, I got the bandana cos I got REALLY badly burnt on my head and couldn’t shave my head for ages. Have a hat now though. I did not spend all my money at all, I’m actually doing quite well. Its a bit hard to get into the swing of the “cheapest everything” and I miss my little luxuries. Treated myself in Saigon, so I’m roughing it now for another little while until I get sick or pissed off. 🙂

    I’d love some gossip from Swords, or Dublin and Ireland for that matter. All I know from Europe is that that Holy guy died and he changed the rules of the conclave (Mr. Dan Brown wont be happy). Thanks for reading.

  6. Dave says:

    Sorry Ngann, didn’t see your little post. Thanks for a wonderful time. Tell your mammy I said hello and thanks too. When Me and Sarah come back (IF we do) we’ll be sure to visit. Good luck in university and thanks for the Monkey!

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