Apr 05

Saigon – City of CRAZY traffic

After my little ordeal in Phnom Penh I was finally on my way to Saigon. This is just an update to let everyone know that the journey and border crossing is very peasant and straight forward. I got here safe and so fr I really love it.

Met a group on the bus here who are really cool. Two English guys, the two French Canadians from PP and three Irish girls (From Tallagh!).

Had lots of Craic on the bus here and me and Manuel braved the out of the bus at the Mekong river crossing. HUNDREDS of children flocking around us trying to sell everything from bread to the “Unknown”. My bracelet and necklace were tugged and I was groped fiercely in an effort to get my money. Apart from that when the commotion died down, we had a lot of fun playing games with the children and buying some food.

Got here and had to find a hostel. Little did we know that we should have booked in advance! (Sorry Michele, should have taken your advice on that one!) so we wandered around for about 2 hours trying to find somewhere that wasn’t full. Finally we found a lovely (But expensive) place. $10 (About 7 Euro) a night. Crazy price! But we’ll look for somewhere cheaper later. Its great absolutely roughing it. Eating on the streets (Street vendors) and just getting a feel for the place.

Last night we went out to Saharas (I wish I was going to Sarah’s) and had a deadly night. The city is quite clean and the place is really nice in general. (The harassment from moto and cyclo drivers to buy drugs, women and guns is the same as Cambodia though)

Had a great sleep and woke to find that the pope had died. God help him.

Ill update you all later with some PHOTOS cos this place seems to be pretty fast in comparison.

Anyway peace out, take care and mind yourselves.


  1. mamo says:

    Is this another thing that’s gone? your bracelet and chain?

    thanks for the wake-up call at 6.30 on a Sunday morning! (only jokin)
    Hazel Keogh had a baby boy, she’s calling him Adam.
    I’m on nights this week, I finish at 7 in the morning
    that’s all the news for now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmamo

  2. cuffy says:

    alright dave, good to see a post here after a while

    business was slow there for a day or 2 and then suddently it kicked back again, twas great. i reckon i could come close to breaking my own record AGAIN,

    college is back soon, so ive loads of assignments to hand up and ive got exams coming soon, but doing this isnt that hard, so it wont get affected. senth is being lazy again, ive had to send him 5 or 6 emails on loads of different topics, he almost flat out refuses to deal with i-faker saying its crap. im still waiting for replies to 1 or 2 emails

    i won a €300 voucher on FM104 for argos, cant remember if i said this already, got me a shredder and water cooler and mini fridge and executive swivel chair for my room, and wireless video senders ( sky in my room)
    my Broadband connection will hopefully be sorted out soon, and ive great news for ya, with smart telecom offering 2mb per second and comreg slagging the fuck out of eircom, eircom have decided to up their line speeds to 1mb for normal fee users and 2mb for the higher fee users, (the 39.99 and 54.99 distinction)
    because iol/esat broadband is the same technology eircom use, everyone on esat bt gets it too.
    so faster broadband for ya when ya get home

    pope died

    MGM .vs. GROKSTER is now in supreme court proceding which is going to be a landmark decision on P2P technology, that doesnt resolve around a server.

    Microsoft launched a free anti-spyware program, and its actually good.
    they are also sueing the shit out of over 150 companies who do those phishing emails. and they announced a SP1 for windows server 2003

    google doubled its Gmail storage space to 2GB’s!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and launched its infinite + 1 plan, which is details on gmail.com but effectively on friday they added 1GB to make the accounts to 2GB and now they have a counter on gmail.com which seems to be progressing at 3mb a day which will continue for the foreseable future, did the maths, we should all have 3GB by Gmails next birthday ( april 1st)

    intel and amd have launched their 64 bit processors and windows 64bit has been released to the manufacturing community who wish to create products containing 64 bit processors, so thats good news too i support

    firefox have paid bounties out to people finding bugs, some guy got $2500 for finding 5 bugs. its quite a good inititive i think. and ATmission have launched a version of linux that runs off a CD but saves any changes you make to a harddrive and just stores then on 1 files meaning it never interferes with windows. it runs decently fast too for off a CD drive.

    thats about all the technology update i can give ya, i know your deprived out there


  3. Dave says:

    Cheers Cuffy mate. Appreciate all the latest gossip. Itsd hard to get it here cos any time I use the net its a race against time to reply to emails and check up on everything.

    Glad to hear Business is picking up. I need to call you next week. (Maybe the 10th of April) for a serious chat. Let me know if you are available.

    Glad to hear the pope died too. (I mean, Im glad that I got the news! not glad he;s dead!)

    GMAIL SERVICE DOESNT AFFECT ME TOO MUCH AS 2 years of mails is less than a gig for me so… 😉

    Anyway, take carte. If you need anything, let me know.
    Make sure you keep a note of each day Senth does not fulfil the 24 hour service level agreement. We can split the profits. 😉 hahahahaha

    Thanks for all the news mamo. Appreciate it. How the hell did Hazel have another baby? Tell her I said congratulations anyway. Give buttons a kiss for me and tell everyone I said hellllloooooo (Xin Chao!)

  4. carla says:

    Hey chicks!!!

    Glad to hear everythings going well, even if you are gonna come home with nothing left. Everyone in college is starting to get a bit of the stress bug at the moment,we’ve alot of assignments and exams aren’t too far off.Big Dave left today,which was pretty sad…

    Anyways, can’t wait to see and hear from you..Be good and have fun..

    Lots of Love


  5. SHEP says:

    Hey Dave,

    I feel bad that I haven’t posted yet! Anyways I am wondering when you are hitting North America? I would love to get together with you if possible.

    Anyways, have a great time and I am so jealous!

  6. Eugene says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the e mail. I’m ready to go. Just finished packing all my food and gear. I’ll let you know how I get on when I’m back in civilisation. You can follow events on the following site http://www.darbaroud.com
    The family do went off well. Me Da was still in hospital so the main man was absent. He’s fine now and he should be out in a couple of days.
    Got an invite to London on May 15th to the Ardal O’Hanlon, Tommy Tiernan gig. They are patrons of the charity that we are collecting for. We also got corporate tickets to any Champions League match from adidas. We should have been at the Liverpool V Juventus match tonight in Anfield but it would have been too tight with us travelling tomorrow to the Sahara. Liverpool won 2 – 1.
    The Pope is being buried on Friday. Charles and Camilla were due to get married on Friday but they have put their wedding back to Saturday now.
    That’s about all the news for the moment.
    I hope my diary is as long as yours when I get back.

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