Apr 05

Leaving Hanoi -I’m leaving EVERYWHERE

Seems like I’m leaving everywhere I go. In reality, I know, I am. Even though I am only here two days, I have learned so much and had a wonderful time. Just as I’m getting to know my way around and all. šŸ™

First thing I will not miss is the incessant (Is it spelt correct? My spell checker is broken) hailing of moto and cyclos. EVERY 5 feet, someone asks ‘You want motorbike?” Or “You want Cyclo?”. They bark and make strange noises to get your attention and turning to them and saying ‘For fuck sake, if I want one, Ill ASK!” makes no difference. Also the beeping. No-one pays attention, not even me any more.

Anyway, apart from that, I had a lot of fun. Last night I went to the Water puppetry show. really unfortunate that it was all in Vietnamese and ruined a little by the Japanese coming in late. They all seem to travel in such big groups! Fortunately got sat beside an Australian girl who was travelling alone also.

Went for a few beers afterwards then met some locals who took us to “Apocalypse now” nightclub. Really cool. The “Young” people here don’t drink beer in clubs. They get a bottle of brandy and a bottle of whiskey and plonk it in the middle of the table. Everyone gets a glass each and they pay for their own cans of mixer (Usually coke) and everyone has a general good time. Plates of fruit and chewing gum are given out free of charge. Met a Canadian guy and two new Yorker girls there too and we all had a good dance in Hanoi.

Today, after more of my laundry got stolen, I went shopping for clothes and gifts AGAIN. Looks like I’m gonna have to ship another box home. Seems like none of my post is getting home in the time promised. Oh well, as long as this one does.

After a long day, I went to the circus! It was soooooooo cool! really Russian-Vietnamese although the animal stuff was not my cup of tea but the AMAZING juggling and trapeze really did it for me. Met an English girl, Laura(Sat beside me again) and we went for a few beers afterwards. She looked and spoke EXACTLY like Emma Watson. She also told me that her brothers best mate is her boyfriend (Emmas) which put me on a bit of a downer. I thought she was free and single. šŸ™ šŸ™ šŸ™ Only Joking Sally!

We had GROG! I felt like such a pirate. She only arrived today and I’m up at 5 in the morning to make my way to the Airport so we decided to call it a night. Take care.

So here I am ready to leave Hanoi after not getting to see Halong Bay. I suppose that will be better seen with Sarah. I’d look a bit of a Sado there on my own.

Off back to Thailand in the morning for Sonkraan and meeting up with the guys from Bangkok and were gonna do a month in Laos together after Juggling Capital Of the World “Pai”. Should be fun. When that’s finished, I think I’ll hit Burma (Myanmar) for a month (Because SOMEONE will NEVER do that with me! šŸ˜‰

Then I think I might return home after that and unless the news is out, “watch this space”. (Literally).

As of tomorrow, anyone who wants to call me can do so on my Thai number, but Ill be there MAXIMUM 5 days so…..

PS: Beans, I’m missing your comments. Bren, where are you? Kerrie your just pants, Mo…I’m disappointed and Sally…. I love you.

Sorry there’s no photos up, no USB ports on ANY of the machines!

Take care and mind yourselves.
Tam biet!


  1. brenb says:

    Alright Dave, Bren here. Hows things? Myself and dell boy are flying to bangkok on may 13th. Where will u be around this time? Got the visas sorted the other day and gettin the rest of the jabs today. I went down to the plaza clinic in swords first and they were lookin for over 600 euro for 5 injections, then i rang a clinic in town and they`ll do them for nearly half price. How much were yours, and what did u get? anyway glad to hear your enjoying yourself, the site is great. cant wait to get over there, talk to ya soon, good luck,

  2. Dave says:

    Hey Bren,great to hear from you. You dont need a paid visa to get into Thailand,unless its a working visa. I hope you didnt pay anything for it because the 30 day free one can be obtained at ANY of the Airports and border crossings. Trust me, my passport is filling up.

    Tetnus, Hep ABC and typhoid are all you Need. TAKE MALARIA PROFALYXIS! I paid 65 for all mine. šŸ˜‰

    I night be here on my way from Laos to Burma, actually, i WILL be in Bangkok! Stay in touch and we’ll hook up.
    Love you too.

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