Apr 05

Songkran in Chiang Mai

Back in Thailand for Songkran, the Thai (Well, South East Asia) new year. How is it celebrated? By having a HUGE waterfight of course! In Chiang Mai and met up with the lads from Bangkok when I was STUCK there after loosing my ATM. From 7AM util about 9PM every, and I mean EVERY, man, woman, child, priest, monk, police officer, old decrepid lady and unborn feotus go out and drown each other for the three days. In fact, its the worlds biggest water fight according to the book of Irish Stout.

First day after an hour, the lads bottled it and went to the pub to get drowned there. Yea right was I going. Teamed up with my new pal “Ohm” see photo and formed our team. All day we just threw water at people and people did it to us. The photos cannot do it any justice.

We then went to the bar street where it was “Bar against Bar” warfare. Each bar, whichever you were drinking in, had its own team. Cannot even remember the name of the one we were in (It just wasn’t Juciy or Stairway). Arch enemies the “Pink hats” got a good going over. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Threw talc over each other also as a sigh of “Respect and well wishes for the new year”

After a while, Juciy, the ladyboy bar got its customers in a HUGE fanfare. The ladyboy queen of the festival arrived with her/his drones and proceeded to march up and down the street while we drowned them. So funny. They really put it out there. After a few hours of fighting and buying ice to make our water coldest we subsided and everyone went to dry off and go to the New Year concert in Tae Pae gate. Cool show with lots of traditional Thai and modern Thai rock music and shows. Went out dancing to celebrate a day well spent.

Next day (Today), pretty much the same thing, waterfight! ALL day long. I wish I had more photos but I couldn’t bring my camera out because I got thrown in the river yesterday and wasnt risking carrying my camera today. The traditional “Washing of the Buddahs” started at 5 bells and we all threw water on teh Buddah statues to “Clean them”.

Right now, I’m sitting in the internet cafe while there is a thunder and lightning storm outside. BUT everyone is still out dancing on the streets and its amazing how much this is celebrated.Going to the second night of the concert in the rain (Actually the rain is not warm, its HOT rain) then going for a chill out night in teh THC rooftop bar. Might have an early night tonight because I have another LONG day tomorrow.

PS: I ahve updated some Vietnam pictures and some Cambodia pictures.


  1. Sarah says:

    It sounds great babe! I wish I was there with you ๐Ÿ™ Im glad you’re having a good time anyway. Chelsea beat Bayern Mรƒยผnchen last night and Liverpool beat Juventus tonight so they’ll probably be playing against each other in the semi finals of the Champions League (which my dad is actually going to) Speaking of my dad, I think hes doing ok now. He finished before the two lads yesterday but the stage that was on today is 76km so we’ll have to wait and see if he makes it through that one alive! Ill keep you posted. We’ll dont go catching a cold from being wet! Love you babe, over half way now! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. aisling says:

    what’s the story dave?…sounds like your having a ball out there! can’t wait to hear all of your crazy stories in person but that’s going to be a year away-it’s crazy!!

    i’m still loving oz so much but dissapointed that your not coming over now ๐Ÿ™

    sent you an e-mail so hopefully i will chat to you soon my lil’ nomad!


  3. Dave says:

    Thanks for the News Sal. And thanks for Ringing me! absolutely WONDERFUL to hear the news about the football. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great to hear that your dads ok.

    Burkie, Got your mails. Thanks a lot. Replied. Good luck on your year! ill be in Melbourne and sydney for a couple of days on my way back. its ‘Un-avoidable”. Maybe Ill see you.

  4. Cora Marshall says:

    hi Dave
    Florrie gave me the details of your web page and I’m just writing to say hi and hope that your adventure continues. You are doing what many would like to but for various reason cannot. You are making some wonderful memories that will always stay with you.
    All the best for the rest of the journey.
    Cora marshall

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