Apr 05

Last day of Songkran – BOOOO!

At the time of writing this, Songkran is now officially over and everything here in Chiang Mai is back to normal, but I have to say, the Thais went all out on the last day. To be honest, 7 hours of water fighting a day followed by heavy drinking and dancing for another 5 hours really takes its toll. After the water dousing was finished and everyone went home to get dry and come back, the concert began. The most famous rock band in Thailand did the final concert night. What an amazing gig! One of the best I have EVER been at and I met the most famous “Male” movie star in Thailand too! That means now I’ve met the most famous male and female stars in Thailand the Prime Minister and his daughter! really making the rounds… now wheres that King guy? …

The gig anyway was really good anyway and me and Cyril (See mate? I didn’t spell it like the lady spells it!) got quite drunk and “totally rocked out”:) By that I mean we danced around with all the locals and the lighting team who we made friends with coming out of the club the previous day. The music was absolutely EXCELLENT. I even went out and bought the CD! 😉

Met Ohm there too and I TOTALLY put my foot in it. Turns out that I mixed up my Thai. Shes not 14, shes 24 and the guy I was speaking to about his “Daughter” was actually her boyfriend. EWWWW. Hes like 50 and they met on the Internet. Yik. He was too old to get involved but she did anyway and we had a great laugh. Afterward we we went dancing but Ohm could not come because her “Boyfriend” was too old and was tired. I could totally see the disappointment in her eyes.

Anyway, we went to bubble again then met up with Tony from Liverpool (friend of Cyrils) and my new pal Robert. From Cork. Robert is of Asian decent. 😉 He’s Chinese and its REALLY difficult to take a Chinese person with a Cork accent seriously! Hehehehe. Only joking. I had a great chat with him about buddhism and Thailand. He’s been living here in Chiang Mai for the past few months in Doi Suthep doing an intensive meditation course. I have never met anyone so calm and relaxed in my life and for once I found someone who agrees with my on my qualms about Bhuddism. Thank…. Buddha?

Anyway, party raged on through the night, blah blah blah . I’m sure your all sick of me writing about that. As I was leaving the pain started to increase in my ear. I knew something was up. Obviously now I know.

Uploaded a few more pictures in the Thailand photo section and also here with some explanations for the benefit of a certain individual 😉 I love you babe.

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