Apr 05

Having a crap day – Hospital again etc

For the first time in my life, I was woken up by pain. After 4 hours sleep, my body was in agony and woke me up. Luckily, the father of the manager of my hotel is a doctor. He took one look and sent me to hospital, but don’t worry, it’s not serious. 🙂 I have an ear, throat and TOUNGE infection and its aparently pretty bad. It sure feels it. It also seems like I’m only one of MANY people with the same thing. The place was full of people like me, my age and they all looked how I felt. We all got it from swimming in the FILTHY moat/river and from all the water in my ears over the past few days 🙁 No-one to blame but myself.

Went to the hospital and I have to say that it was the NICEST hospital I was EVER in. Seriously. The nurses were so friendly and the personal attention was next to none. Saw the doctor after a long wait and he showed me exactly what was wrong (Sarah, you remember Greece? Same thing in my ear but got so bad that it was all over and it spread down).

He had to give me a local anaesthetic and do a ‘Small procedure” on my ear because sucking the puss out didn’t work too well and he had to do a “Biopsy” and cut some scabs out. Now, I cant hear out of my left ear. But thats “Perfectly normal”. Scuse the language, but it better fucking be. I’m starting to freak out over it.

Anyway, the cool thing is that the pharmacy is actually in the hospital and I got my plethora of medication and antibiotics. (Cheers for that DJ wren_T, Ill never forget…. strike a pose!).

The ‘Strong” painkillers are working a treat and I bought a lot of music and movies to watch so it will be like I’m back home chilling out after a literally crazy new year celebration of overwhelming proportions. I knew it would HAVE to effect my body somehow, I just thought it would be my liver. Cost a small (Large by Asian standards) fortune for the visit, consultation and Santa sack of drugs. Really cuts my budget right up. (YES, I actually DO have one!… I’m not here JUST to party, I’m learning responsibility too!). Worked out at about 100 Euro. I’m sure the insurance will cover that. Yea right!

To top it all off, last night, at the END of the night, I sat on my camera and broke it. My baby number 3! So don’t blame me if my future photos are crappy. If anyone even looks or cares about my photos.

Anyway. Just thought I’d let you know that for the second time since I’ve been travelling I feel a bit crap.

PS: Cuffy, can you confirm my stats? (Privatly) or send me a screenshot or document of webalizer stats for the time I’ve been travelling on this site ONLY. Cheers mate. And good luck with the “Goldenplec Water fight”

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  1. OHM says:

    Get well sooon Davis. talk you later.

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