Apr 05

Feeling better -another update :)

After being loaded with a drug called ‘Demorol” which Jim says is illegal in the states and sleeping a LOT, I’m still in pain but feeling a lot better. Matt’s foot got infected and his mother flew over to bring him back to Canada for surgery. Cyril got his credit card today so we went to book our tickets to Laos. Unfortunately, there was a small problem. the bus was full!

Anyway, we got one for the day after tomorrow. Went out again last night. When i say ‘Again” I know I need to move on. Its getting too much. For Sarah’s benefit I have uploaded some more videos and photos. So I’m not being Gay, just reassuring. 😉  Anyway, not much news to give today just that I went to the lake outside Chiang Mai for dinner today with Nena which was really nice because I was the only Falang/Farang there. I love that. really peaceful and the food was great.

Made a big mistake last night of shaving my head. Scalp still sunburnt to bits and I look stupid. Oh well, I don’t care, I’m not trying to pull anyone. Am I? Of course not! 😉

Just an update for some more photos anyway. Hope everyone is well and exams and Thesis’ (Thesi) are going good. Good luck beans. Maybe you can come over soon? 😉

Buttons, I hope everything is going OK and you don’t miss me too much. i will see you soon.
Sal, I love you and miss you too.

Everyone else, I miss you guys and I’ll see you soon.

If I manage to get to Laos, that will be the end of my updates because there are NO Internet access points in Laos. I thought Burma would be bad!

Take care.
Dave (Who else)

PS: Sarah, check the video section for the video for you. I look pretty sunburnt and I’m making my face at the end of the hello one. Spicy was too dark. Sorry. xxxxxxxxxx

PPS: I uploaded some more photos in the Thailand section (getting quite full now!) and some videos of the festival down an alley where it was dry enough for me to video. Some I did not take. Sorry they’re crap. that is about 1% the madness that went on. It just looks crap int eh videos, I assure you, it was not!

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