May 05


In an effort to become more of a rag “journalistic writer” you will have noticed that I am starting to use, or attempt to use more witty puns in my headlines. This one referes to two things…. I’ve put on a lot of weight (So I’m back to what I was when I left) and I got my mobile stolen 🙁

Sitting in a nice little cafe sipping mocha, texting my lovely girlfriend (About to) and some little shit comes up and snatches it from my hand. Before I realised what happened he had disappeared into the crowd. Oh well, looks like I’ll just have to get a more up to date model when I get back to Bangkok Sunday. I’ll update the site with my phone new number if anyone is interested.

Anyway, back to business…I’m still getting on great and s till having an absolute ball. After my less than cultural visit to Laos I’ve been dropped back into the deep end of the culture pool and having a wonderful time learning to swim. Met so many new friends, mostly Thai that are by FAR the most friendly I have met so far. They all have money too which means they all have trucks and cars and do not have any hidden agenda.

Been to so many parties, dinners in Thai families houses and sleeping up in the mountains I wonder why I ever wanted to go anywhere else in the first place. Thailand is such a HUGE melting pot and its amazing the difference in the place, culture, people and way of life in a space of a short bus ride away.

Really do not want to leave this place and I am seriously contemplating skipping Burma so I can stay here in Udon Thani in Thailand. Its like, there’s no tourists here, there’s no crap here, its the REAL Thailand. The little villages are quaint, the people are kind and respectful and when they see you walk into their village or town, they don’t see a big bag with a dollar sign on it.

Been relaxing and experiencing, been driving and swimming, been treated to many local customs not even in the poxy lonely planet (By the way, if anyone finds this page via a search for lonely planet on Google, give it a miss. Find your own way…the advice is shit and you’ll be on the same trail as thousands of other drunken Brits…as opposed to a strange mix of drunken Irish, Germans, French and Thais…some mixed genders too!)

Leaves me nicely onto my next point. Lady-boys. I was so terrified of them before I came here and now that I have made GENUINE friends with some, I realized they are nothing to be afraid of. The Gays actually would scare me more!

Probably the nicest person I have met so far on my travels, Thittynut (I Laughed too!) or Nena for short has introduced me into her life and her friends and familys life and made my experience wonderful. She has taught me to cook, dance, relax and to follow what my mind says. Cheers you fucking witch!

Staying in a house now with Nena and having a wonderful time. Learning so so so much about EVERYTHING especially myself. I never thought any epiphanies would come here! This was just a stop off on the way to pick up my birthday present 😉

Been to the dentist yesterday and got my teeth properly cleaned and polished. PROPERLY. Cost me 3 Euro as apposed to teh fortune I’d pay back home. Off now in 10 mins to get my teeth lazered, 2 fillings and my cap put back on. Ill be a bleedin’ ride when I come home! 😉

Christine, before i come home, make sure you get a BIG sack of rich and some chillies from that Chinese shop in the mall ‘cos I wont be eating western food any more. 😉 Pomme Pulein! 😉

My camera is royaly flutered so no more photos. Maybe I’ll get a camera before I get a phone. Oh well.

Going to a traditional Thai and Northern Hilltribe dance festival tonight. I’m sure that will be fun.

Sorry my stories have nothing to merit reading any longer, its now merely a formality. I’m sure you know its all 99% censored anyway 😉 😉 😉 😉

I’ll update you with some photos or something when I can.

Miss you all. Hope you had a happy birthday bren. I’ll email you before you leave. I’m sure you have everything organized already anyway.

Take care.
Be good to each other and don’t fight.


  1. Bren says:


    Who the fuck is this other “Bren”? I read THAT whole article to be mocked at the final hurdle when it’s clearly not my birthday for some time.

    Anyway nice pun. Wood sugar? Found in grass etc? I thought so. Buh. Any way your’re a bollox to be actually living. Not getting by but living. Unlike the rest of us stuck in fucking never neverland making knock-off sneakers for the man (metaphorically speaking of course). So yeah. I’ve got writers block. None of my ideas are good enough lately so I’ll have to sort it out and put some real time into it. Read some of my “lyrics” recently, written about 2 years ago. Fuck me they sucked. So very much. I’ve binned most of them and I’m gonna start from scratch. On the plus side the good ones I kept have made it to “a shortlist”. I’m such a wannabe.

    Anyway I’m all good despite what the above might suggest. Going to the south of France for 3/4 days to hang out on a fuck off boat next month. Should give me a chance to work on my tan. By the way thanks for the text last week I appreciate it. I’ll check out the new Family Guy asap.

    Anyway good to hear your still having the time of your life and that you’d an even better birthday. I’ll have to do something similar in the next year or two. I could do with some good visceral experience.

    Look after yourself,

    Bren (the original).

  2. bren says:

    Hey dave, bren here. We landed in bangkok this morning, but since u have lost ur phone, weve no way of getting in to contact with you,were staying in the “siam beverly hotel” , i sent u an email, aswell. e mail me back when u get this, cheers, bren

  3. Mamo says:

    nobody is suprised anymore when things get stolen from you!
    I really mean it, you won’t have anything left when you come home.
    I thought you were going to give me your phone when I got to Thailand?!
    ah well! No phone, no camera. I better start saving!

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re learning to swim. did you not know already?
    That was a waste of money sending you to swimming lessons. not to mention those lessons in school!!

    I went looking for a map to where you are and it took sometime as the place you are in is UBon not Udon. I hope that’s a typo 😉

    Don’t worry, I sent over a few gifts for you to give to the families you go to dinner to. Bren has them!

    See! I told you when you get to know the “ladyboys” or “gays”
    that you would like them. It’s the person inside that counts not the tag they have.
    Well nana! Thank you for teaching Dave to cook that on his own. Now just teach him to clean aswell!

    Everyone’s asking for you. Take care.
    Love you lots like a bag of rice + Chillies!
    God Bless. Mamoxxxxxxxxxxx

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