Jun 06

Tijuana, do ye Wanna?

So been another little while since I updated but been asleep and busy for the past few days. Recovering as it where. Wednesday night, we hit Tijuana, Mexico. Jon and Grainne couldn’t go because of Grainne’s passport being confiscated and because of Jon putting his through the wash, but the rest went and it was pretty much the experience of a lifetime…

Rather than go the traditional route, we decided to get a “Party Bus”. We squeezed 60 people onto a bus that we were allowed drink on and it had all the works, lights and rave on tunes to get us in the mood. Wednesday night is “Irish night” in TJ so it was pretty much 99% Irish and the journey down was savage (Word of the summer).

Crossing the “border” was ridiculously….. Easy. No border control, just walk through a metal turnstile and your in. No showing passports or anything. No patrol or nothing. Once in, we gathered our group (41 of us) and we got our taxis to the club Safari. In the queue 30 seconds and was offered Coke, Pills and ICE (Crystal Meth). Good job I’m not with a load of drug heads.

$12 into the club, stamp on the hand and the only other thing you need to pay for is bottled water. ALL DRINK WAS FREE. Now, I don’t need to tell you how dangerous that is. 900 Irish people with an open bar. The games began. For the fools who got drunk before we got there, their night ended pretty quickly. Luckily we all had our wits about us and knew there was a long night ahead. Dancing, drinking, more dancing and more drinking for pretty much the whole night. Great to see the under 21s could dance too! Up on the “Special Dancers” balcony was….. well, only our entire house 🙂 Out the back was a man made beach which was really cool and is where everyone went to catch an hour or two sleep when required and also where people went to look after their friends who passed out. Our only straggler was Spongebob who left the club without anyone knowing. The Cork girls going home early in a cab noticed him wandering the streets of TJ alone and luckily picked him up.

Club shut at 05:30 which was good because everyone was EXHAUSTED. As usual, we were last ones standing and forcefully removed. Outside to get 8 people into the taxi, literally HANGING out the window and back to the US border.

Queue to get back into the US was about 2 miles long but moved quickly. Good craic because everyone was still steaming and the sun was rising high. US border control was nowhere NEAR as strict as we were lead to believe. Only problem was loud Julie mouthing off at the black people. She’s a bit of a racist.

Through border control and back to the US. A nice Jack in the box breakfast while we waited for the first trolley (San Diego Tram). Deadly laugh on the trolley, but then most people fell asleep. Myself and Breffo our cold on the floor of the trolley. Some nice photos there. 😉

Back to Oldtown and we couldn’t face the thought of a taxi so myself, Shane, Breffo, Claire and Conor took a cab.

Got back, had a beer or two, a chat with everyone about the night and an early Sabbath.
All in all, a fucking amazing night. Definitely an experience worth experiencing. Most people want to go again next Wednesday but our group are not the organizing types and most nights don’t get organized until they actually happen.

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  1. cheryl beckham says:

    Oh my, Tijuana Mexico, I hope that you didn’t drink the water, or the Margaretta’s they all can be deadly!
    Cheryl Beckham

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