Apr 05

Vang Vieng – WOW

Reached Vang Vieng in one piece (Just about!…long story) and its even MORE beautiful than Luang Prabang. Bit of an adventure getting here. I’ll write again later. Have no money left and have to find a way to get some.

Place I’m staying in is AMAZING. Ill try upload some photos too soon, if its even possible from here. This is just a post to let anyone know who is interested that I’m alive and VERY well. Sorry this is so short! I promise, I’ll write later. 🙂


  1. Kerrie says:

    hey dave, how’s things? laos looks amazing! i’m sorry i haven’t been putting up more msgs, but me and the computer aren’t really friends and it’s probably gonna take me an hour just to write a little msg. i’m off the smokes since yesterday, i have a bet on with aido and greener. if i lose i’ve to grow the hair on my legs for a month, put on a short skirt and go to the harp til closing. if 1 of them loses they’ve to get there legs waxed put on a short skirt and go to the harp til close + they’ve to wear make-up. happy birthday for saturday. love you + hope you get this b4 sat. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Sarah says:

    MO HERE, just round in sarah’s havin a nice chat bout ye, sayin how much we miss ye and all that. u ***BLEEP!*** has been the topic of conversation 4 the past 20 mins, nice…. so have ye?! well thats it from me love u, look forward 2 seeing u soon. sorry bout bein crap at computers and useless at information. happy birthday! thanks for my post on ur site… only seein it now! sorry pal xxx

  3. aisling says:

    oohh i’m interested-i love the way my friends have filthy minds!! so do ya? 🙂

    seriously though, that picture you put up of the waterfall just looked amazing! it must have been so relaxing there. please keep those pics coming!

    hope your b-day went well!


  4. Dave says:

    Cheers for that Kerrie. Nice to get some gossip. Sorry to hear your not feeling so well. Stay off the smokes and things should be better.

    Moloney, thanks for the message. Nice to hear from you although this is a family rated website 😉

    Burkie you little star. Hope you had a great day yourself.

  5. cuffy says:

    hey dave


    have a good one

  6. cuffy says:

    oh and as for the money thing

    i think 2checkout wire to you tomorrow. it seems to be the first day of the month they do it.

    that should help.

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