Apr 05

The most beautiful place on Earth

After typing this out many MANY times due to an electrical storm here, (very interesting being actually able to see the lightning hitting the ground a few hundred meters from you!) I finally got this written. Needed to let everyone know that I saw, as the title suggests, the most beautiful place on the planet and that is Khoung-Sy Waterfall about 40KM outside Luang Prabang. 🙂

We stayed there ALL day yesterday and I had so much fun. took THOUSANDS of photos because my camera is so broke I don’t even know when the photos take!

Anyway, After a day of eating with some locals, swimming with some locals and having diving competitions with the local children, we hit the trek up to the top and holy shit was it worth it. There were so few people there it made it perfect and the water was so clean, fresh and warm, it was like a man made theme park. I really do not think my photos can do it very much justice.

After settling in here in Luang Prabang, I can say with absolute definition it is the nicest, most peaceful, calm and unspoiled place I have been so far. I cannot BELIEVE I was considering not coming here! I must have been nuts.

Met lots of new friends and realized that the Japanese have a hidden sense of humor that takes a while to take in and process, but is incredibly funny and unique! Still have had my fair share of meeting complete twats along the way, but they seem to be like mosquitoes. the world would be better if they were not there, but for some reason they are. Just a bit crap that I’ve been meeting them since Koh Pang-Ngan. (Well, a lot longer in reality). They all know who they are.

Anyway, moving on, moving on. Where am I to move on to? Everyone is going to Vang Vieng next. I don’t know if I want to go. I think I want to head up to a village up north and stay in a small little area with no tourists and expats. (Theres quite a lot of expats actually because I could really see myself and a lot of people I know living here forever!)

Speaking of that and speaking of speaking, the Laos language is coming along fine. Strangest thing is that they have the same word for ‘Hello” and “How are you?” So saying hello twice means…. I’m sure you get it. Funny how much of an effort locals will put in with you to learn their language. Me and Jamie (Who looks EXACTLY like Kirsty from Home and Away, when I first saw her I freaked out!) we walking along a really dark road when we were approached by a, what we thought at the time was, a crazy man.In fact, it was the uncle of three young girls and 3 young boys. All 10 and under.The three girls were with him and he started trying to communicate and we eventually ended up in the family home with the family and children, learning Lao, teaching English and learning how to sing ‘Frere a jaques’ in Lao. really cool night. Unfortunately, when we got to hive they would only server us SMALL beers. Aparently, the size of the glass bottle determines the amount of damage you can do to someone if you decide to cut them up with it after a CERTAIN HOUR. the place pretty much shits down here at 12. theres one shop that stays open that sells the cheap whiskey but I think I’m gonna leave that alone for a GOOD while.

I’m sure a couple of beer Lao (FACTUALLY the finest beer in SEA) by the Mekong, I’ll have my mind made up soon. Depends on a lot of things really.

Really miss everyone from back home. Don’t wish I was there, just wish everyone else (Barr a few) were here to see how wonderful and untouched this place really is. Wild snakes, elephants and tigers are testament to that! I thought LiverRalley was bad for loosing electricity, WOW, here, your lucky to have electricity. in fact, as a result of the storm, I have had to start this twice and save it after every 3 lines. Its now been over 2 hours to write this!

I upload as many waterfall piccies as I could in the Laos photo section ( http://www.davesadventure.com/photos/country/Laos ) but the connection is FAR too slow for videos and I’m wasting enough of the precious days here in an Internet “cafe” than I would like to dedicate. too much enjoying to be done. especially if when i come back after a few days and Nicola is the only one thats left me a comment! Cheers Nicola! your a legend!

Anyway, Ill love y’all and leave y’all so don’t forget me. I’ll be home soon and I’d like SOMEONE to remember my name.
Take care. Love you all lots and lots. Be good to one and other.


  1. Bren says:

    Hi Dave,

    Just checking in to catch up with my second favorite travelling buddy now that “Where’s Wally” is off the wagon again. I can’t believe I agreed to be his sponsor. Scumbag!

    Anyway, again, you’re a legend for doing what you’re doing, so keep doing it. It’s great to be able to know what you’re up to. Sounds amazing!!!

    I’ve no news really. Working, sleeping. Finally got off my ass and I am currently writing my first screenplay. I’m excited about it. I’m up to 10 full pages that I’m happy with. You’d be amazed how hard it is to write dialogue. Once you get your ideas together it kinda flows though. Hopefully I’ll have at least a first draft finished when you get back.

    Anyway, watch yourself out there in the real worlds and I’ll see in a couple of months.

    Cheers dude!


    Ps. happy belated birthday by the way! Hope you had a great time. Was it as good as Zanzibar last year!? ;D

  2. Sarah says:

    Im missing you loads babe. Havent spoken to you in nearly a week 🙁 Its horrible! Less than two months to go now anyway. I know you’re not a happy camper about that but what can yeh do! Its not as if we’re not going to go back to these places together sometime…anyway, the pictures look gorgeous! Everyone is so jealous. Is Cyril still with you? Btw, that pic you sent me…that was DEFO not Ralph Little!!! 🙂 Seriously! Try to reply to my email or rimg me soon. Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Dave says:

    Cheers Benny T! Great to hear that. Looking forward to plagerizin’ yer draught when I get back. HAHAHA. I am watching myself in the ‘Real world’? and one final thing… Its not my birthday till Saturday I think.

    Sally baby, I know, I tried to call you but your always in work. Here its different, theres only one place in the city that does the internet call and you have to queue for hours to use it. PLUS its only open for a ccouple of hours a day and that would be the time your in college or work.

    Anyway, I got no eamil from you. Try send it again.
    Cyrill left this morning. I wanted to stay an extra day. Going to the Pac-ao caves with some Australians and Canadians I met last night. Went to PARTY in a house and it was like in an American teen movie. There were HUNDREDS of people there! I mean HUNDREDS. ANyway, thats for another post. 😉
    Take care. Love you lots like snake-poison shots.

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