May 05

Happy Birthday to me!

Thank you for all your birthday wishes and emails. Had probably the best birthday ever! Missed only one thing…Sarah. Never had so many people sing happy birthday to me in my life! I’d love to write more but I’m still celebrating. Its been wonderful and I’ve met so many wonderful people and got lots of nice….presents. 😉

The weird thing about Vang Vieng is that there are SOOOO many Irish here. They really know how to celebrate a birthday abroad and because everyones here for the same reason, everyone is cool and chilled out and literally EVERYONE bought me something (Small of course!) for my ascent into adulthood.

Marissa (Shitebag! {In a thick auzzie accent}) organized the singing and her gift was one of her dreadlocks. Jocelyn (Still cannot spell it) organized the cake (Pizza) and Cyril and Jay provided the….entertainment. Been tubing, Kyacking, cliff diving (Man….Its sooooo much higher and shit yourselfy than it looks!) and visited some caves and villages. Tomorrow as the last day of a three day celebration (as per traditional Lao style), we take out motorbikes to the lagoon in the jungle. I’m the ONLY person without a Laos tattoo (A motorcycle accident scar) so I’m due that pretty damn soon. Probably tomorrow. 🙁

Got an infection in my right foot and stood on a rusty nail on my left this morning climbing up the wrong way out of the river. As with everything bad, its my own fault. Watched the sunrise, and the constant thunder and lightning storms and my birthday was ILLUMINATED by fireflys. They are so fecking cool looking! And it made everything so …..magical. I wish Sarah was with me for it.

Since I got to Laos, I’ve met up with Cyril again, Jay again, and Andy and Bob from Vietnam again and met so many new people. I am so happy here….. but nothing lasts forever. 🙁 I could spend the rest of my trip here actually!

I’ll dedicate a day tomorrow to upload some of the wonderful photos of the most beautiful , magical and awe inspiring place on earth.

Sorry if it sounds like I’m talking like a … shitty. (HEHEHE, I’m so whitty! Only to those who understand that. I’ll NEVER forget. 😉 ) I still haven’t come down. 😉

Amazing how western and CRAP Thailand seems after seeing this. This is REALLY stone ages stuff here. (Coming from someone typing away on the Internet!).

Anyway, Ill give a PROPER update tomorrow night and try get some photos and videos uploaded if its at all possible.

Sabaii Dii.


  1. Katie says:

    Hey Dave!!
    Happy Birthday! Hope u had a FAB one! Sorry Im a lil late, Il let you kick my arse when you come home.
    Nice to read about your extra long holiday. Keep having fun!
    See U very soon!

    K to da T!


  2. Anita says:

    Well hello Dave. I texted Sarah the other day to wish you a happy birthday but just copped on to the fact now that i should have just put it here. DUH! I hope you had a good one anyway sounds like you did. When are you going to New York? I fly out on the 5th of June. We HAVE to meet up. I miss ya loads!

    sniff sniff

  3. Dave says:

    Cheers Katie and Anita. Much appreciated. Not even a wish from my family. Oh well, gotta realuise that as you get older, people forget. 🙁

    Anita, Ill be in NYC for 10 days. Fly in on 12 of June though, so a lil few days after you. Email me to let me know where your staying and all that.

    Katie (I’m assuming Gillagan and not Miller) thank you so much. Your Legend and youll DEFINITELY be getting an ass kickingwhen I get home. Love you.

  4. cuffy says:

    alright dave

    i wished you a happy birthday in the previous thread.

    hope ya got my last email
    and the wire.
    and 2checkout have been contacted regarding the reserve

    talk to ya


  5. Jen says:

    I ALSO put my birthday wishes in the previous thread.

    How DARE you make assumptions about your family forgetting.
    I’m shocked and hurt.

  6. Jen says:

    Oh and *I’ll* tend to Kt’s whipping while you’re away!

    She’s been bitching about you non stop… 😉

  7. Dave says:

    Sorry Jen./ I apologize. And give that bitch a good slap for me.

    Tell Buttons that I ahve never ONCE forgotten HER birthday…Im not angry with her, just disapointed. 😉

  8. Katie says:

    Buttons didnt even send u a card?


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