Dec 05

Happy XMAS


Just want to wish all my readers, (RSS subscribers…you know who you are) friends, family and people I have met all along my travels, a very very happy holiday season and a wonderful new year.

My adventure continues in the new year, (If you can call it that) and the site will have a brand new engine behind it, WordPress 2.0. I have waited a long time for it, and a few more days wont hurt. I will also be spending a week spell checking my posts over the past year.(Those Asian keyboards are at fault, not me!).All destinations have now been confirmed and I will update you with my 2006 shortlist very shortly.(And God knows my plans should change as usual!) Have a great Christmas and super 2006!


  1. Tobi & Julia says:

    Hi Dave,
    after we got mail from you we remembered your website and started looking around on it. Hey, there are happening so many things in your life. As we saw what your plans are this year we were a little bit envious of your travelling plans 😉
    What´s about London an the other stuff which were written there?
    Tobi & Julia

  2. David says:

    Hi Julia!
    Great to hear from you again!

    Yea, a little planned for this year. We are still waiting on confirmation to see weather or not we go to Berlin or Konstance (?) (I cannot spell it).

    Will you and Toby be in Berlin in September?

    Remember i lost my photos of Chiang Mai? If you email them over to me, Ill put them up on the site. I have no pictures of me on an Elephant!

  3. Julia says:

    That´s a nice and easy way to communicate a little bit.
    We would like to give you our photos of chiang mai but unfortunately we only got our “normal” camera with us in the jungle. Our digital cam was left in the guesthouse for this time. So it would only be possible to send these pictures by mail but not by email… Sorry.
    For Tobi is native from berlin it could be possible to be in berlin in september.
    If you want you can also visit us in Münster. You´re always welcome!

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