Mar 05

Moving from Wan Chai

Just to let you all know that I’m finally moving! Getting the hell out of this insane priced hotel and moving to a hostel to a dorm that I can spend 10 nights in for the price of 1 night here.

Went to Vietnam Consulate today and applied for my visa. Have to wait 3 days, but it will probably be then by the time I get my flights changed. Also had to set my fecking ports of entry AND exit. What a joke. What if your a nomad like me? 😉

Anwyay, spent my entire budget on socks and a jumper last night. What a rip off city. Also got a memory card for me camera so thats a plus.

Everything except electronics are expensive here. Laptops are cheap enough too, but by far and away the cheapest thing (Almost cheaper than food) is mobile phones. Latest brand spanking new ones too!

Anyway, I’m sure this is all very boring to yall. Just nice to keep yall updated while I have my morning cofee.

Take care.


  1. burkie says:

    hello travellor!

    just read your post…you deserved some comfort for a while! hope your pocket isn’t feeling it too much though!

    get your skinny lil’ travelling arse over to melbourne, it’s a great spot! the city is so big and full of young people.

    hope that your feeling much better!X

  2. Bren says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for keeping us posted. I’d say you’re still having the time of your life despite the stolen personal effects, loss of cash down river and let’s not forget the David Davis fan favourite…MALARIA. Anyway it’s cool to know how you’re getting on, so keep the updates coming.

    No real news myself…going to see The Mars Volta in London on the 16th and spending Paddy’s day there too. Going back to Wolverhampton with Dara for a few days afterwards aswell. Should be cool. See Dave? I can have an adventure aswell…maybe I’ll set up a website too and then I can get Malaria…maybe not.

    You wanna talk about awkward? One night during sex I called Lois “Frank”. Your move Sherlock.



  3. cuffy says:

    hey dave

    sent ya loads of emails regarding the stuff ya asked, hope that sorts all that stuff out for you, keeping everything efficient as always, i reckon im getting better at this whole i-rater thing, deep end at the start but im wading in the shallow end around now, its kinda fun.

    plus my web dev lecturer was impressed when i told him im running a friends business and that goldenplec got hacked and i caught the guy and sent the info to the fbi.
    im having quite the adventure here dave, YES ADVENTURE, the feds are involved, its all a bit crazy, but the hacker will probably get a jail sentence

    anyway talk soon


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