Mar 05

Hong Kong Hang Over

Well, I think I have had enough sampling the Hong Kong nightlife. Last night was Steves last night here so we HAD to have a session. Its only right. Went to Laguna (Thanks a fucking lot Lawrence for the crappy advice) played some drinking games and jst got generally lagered up. I met a Canadian guy who was with his phillipino (However you spell that) “lady” and he introduced us to her group of friends. We all then went to Fenwicks which was a LOT better.

Steve was freaked out because 90% of the ladies were hookers. I’m used to seeing that from Thailand, but he got really angry. Could not explain to him to just ignore them. Christoph was in his little element! Learned some philipino from Sol and Darrah so Im happy that my culture vulture urges were satisfied. I can now say “Can I have a cup of tea” in 11 languages!

I have seen a lot worse so it was nothing to me. Had a DEADLY laugh with Christoph (I asked him how to spell it). He is by FAR the craziest and funniest preson I have ever come across. There is NOTHING he wont say. Anyway, just danced and had fun all night. Only updating you because Im so hung over and cannot watch another episode of Opera or American idol. Theres only one English station over here. Got in at 11AM this morning but I DO remember aving noodles for brekfast again.

Dont really have any more news other than I could not sort my flights out today because the place closed at 12 noon and I was still drunk coming in. Down to my last few pennies already. Have to get to Vietnam ASAP. Got an EMAIL from my friends from KPN in Thailand. They all want to meet up in Vietnam (Although now I am travelling the oposite direction to them).

Anyway, I uploaded some more photos. Got a little mixed up with the whole category thing. Some are in China some are in Hong Kong, Im sure you can figure out wich ones!

Off to Kowloon Bay again tonight. (To buy a whammy bar!) to do some nice sightseeing and some cheap shopping. (Frayed ended jeans are a fashion crime here!). Ill have a quiet day tomorrow and upload all my photos from last night and tonight. The internet connection here is REALLY fast so its not a problem and it will probably be the last photo upload for a while.

Anyway, thanks for all your comments, I LOVE reading them and they make me feel like I’m home. Leave me more!

PS: Sorry Jennifer, I didn’t know I packed that! Ill make sure I get it back to you safe.

PPS: Christine Davis. My Suitcase is FILLING QUICK with your keyrings!

Miss you all. Tell Buttons I sid Hi. Sarah, hope you have a great time in the land of the Gaeltacht. Love you and miss you.


  1. mamo says:

    Excuse me! I AM a book binder so it WILL be professionally done.

    Keep them keyrings coming, I’ll put ALL of them on me keys.
    Don’t be tempted to sell them!

    Is the phone number that you gave me no good anymore?

    love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmamo

  2. Jen says:

    thats ok Dave, I’m over the inital shock of losing my t-shirt.

    its yours now!

    xxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

  3. Marian says:

    Hey David.
    Its Marian Christines friend in work. Just been reading about your adventure. Really enjoyed it. Just wanted to say hi. Christine really misses ya. Hope to read more soon, hope your having a good time… its after taking me about an hour to type this. So i cant say too much..
    Take Care
    Love Marian

  4. Kerrie says:

    hey dave, i’m missin ya loads. i’ve tried so many times to post msgs, but i can never get it to work. talk soon, love kerrie xxxxxxxx

  5. shane says:

    hope everything goes smoother for the rest of the trip.
    sorry about that week, but i hope we still can have a pint in the centre when you return. Chinese whispers are going strong here in the valley. …..(lastest I smashed thru your window like Jack Nicholoson
    in the Shining.)
    Enjoy the rest of the trip.
    sent an email to your old address

  6. carla says:

    Hey David Baby,

    I’m delighted your having such a good time!!! I wish I had the guts to do what your doing. I miss having sum1 to mammy in college,but I guess your gonna b all wise and mature coming back…Anyways I gotta get to sum web developing so I’ll talk to you soon baby!!! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  7. Dave says:

    Awww thanks everyone for the comments. Kerrie, looks like your comment went through and Marian, fair play. Carla and Minty, thanks for the comments too. I heard you stole a locals jeep and drove it into the guesthouse speaking in toung 😉

    Take care everyone.

  8. Martina Coppinger (Sarah's aunty)! says:


    I have been enjoying reading about all your adventures. It brings back memories – and you are right – the best info you will get is in hostels and the best people too.

    Stay safe and look forward to hearing the rest of the adventures!!!

  9. aisling says:

    hey dave!

    sounds like your having a ball! down to your last penny’s then…i know the bloody feeling, i have an interview tomorrow so fingers crossed!

    so your off on your merry way somewhere else soon, your a real backpacker…i’m moving into a hostel in a few weeks myself and i’m really looking forward to it! hope you come over this way, i love it so much over here and i’m officially staying a year now but i’m already thinking i would like to stay longer!

    anyway enough of my rambling…keep yourself safe and keep that great confidence you have going!


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