Mar 05

Back in Hong Kong from China

OK, This is going to be a LONG update so be prepared. Last update I had just moved to my hostel and was getting a littel bored with the place. when I got to my hostel it all changed. Staying in a dorm with 4 other guys and a girl. An Irish Guy from Meath, a Boring English guy who does nothing with us, An Australian girl who also does nothing, Kristoph the crazy German and Steve, the rich US student on Spring Break.

I promised myself Id give my impressions of Hong Kong on my next update. Biggesst ting about Hong Kong I noticed is how SLOW everyone walks! Its nuts! And Its not just a few people or most people, its EVERYONE. Its slow even for ME!

Its also really clean. Everywhere yuo go theres these hand sanatizers and everyone wears those face masks. I really want to get one!

Anyway, a few night me and the Irish guy went up victoria peak and did the real touristy thing. It was absolutely amaying. I met an old lady up there from Wales originally but lived in HK for 40 years. I spoke to her for ages and she gave me the history of HK and it was really interesting. I also did a REAL touristy thing. I got a professional photo done of me with the HK skyline. I love being a tourist!

Anyway, couple of days ago we went clubbing and met a group of chinese people and I learned LOTS of Mandarin, and my cantonese is picking up already. We stayed out with them all night and had lots of fun. Next day we went to Macau (A Portugese colony along mainland china) and we had a deadly day! There was so much to do. Got the turboJet Ferry to Macau.We did the lonely planet walking tour and visited lots of cool museumes and sights.

Visited a temple (Godess of fishermen temple). None of the lads were interested so they let me go in for an hour while they waited outside. Met a chinese man and his daughter (older than me) and they saw my look of awe at the place and they came over to me and brought me round the temple. He introduced me to three chinese girls my age and they showed me the Taoist stick wish or blessing and around the temple. The man sat me down and explained his religion and the differences between Taoism and Bhuddism. He let me ask LOADS of questions and I had a really nice time.We all offered the incense to the goddess and It was the best part of my day.

Later we went to the black sand beach wich was so weird. The whole beach had ONLY black sand (Something to do with volcanoes). Steve got in and actually swam. Nutcase. After we went for dinner we hit the casinos. what an experience. I have no photos of inside cos they dont allow you to bring them in. Dont know why. Spent 100 euros (Lost actually). Learned how to play BlackJack, Poker (Properly), Bakerat and roulette! So Cool. Its JUST like you see on telly. The rich guy lost a LOT of money!

We met our chinese friends in the casino (What are the chances) and we went clubbing and it was a lot of fun.

Next day our friends were going home. they asked us to come, and being on the adventure were all on, we just, spur of the moment, decided to go to china. Train only took a few hours and china is weird. I would like to stay here a lot longer. Might skip a week or two in the US and go to Shanghi or Beijing. Then again, I have no idea where ill end up! Just got back and im wreked. really long last few days. Got lots of photos and I bought a new card reader and memory card. I LOVE BEING A TOURIST! So glad I came here. Made some really cool friends. reinforces my idea that traveling is 45% the location, 5% the journey there and 50% the people you meet along the way.

This ones just for Eimh. Tonight, guess where Im going clubbing???? KOWLOON BAY! (I was born in Kowloon Bay) Ill take some photos for you!

BY The way, a few months ago, I made Kerrie a promise. Here it is. IM THINKING OF YOU KERRIE!

Anyway, I have settled nicely here. The place is still really eypensive to live in but all the people I have met in my hostel (Especially in the main common room) have all traded advice on where to go for the cheapest food and stuff. right now I can live here for about 30 euro a day. Thats not including clubbing. Thats cheap food and staying in the hostel getting drunk and making our own disco! I had to buy vitimans because Im (Like everyone else) LIVING on noodles. I actually cannot remember how to use a fork! Chopsticks are so much more versatile!

By the way, I only got to upload some of my photos. Ill do the rest in the morning as I have them on the computer now. Queu gathering behind me (Free internet in hostel) so I cannot really stay on and wait until the lot upload! Miss you all. Especially you Sarah.

Off to Vietnam soon, but will update before then. Take care, mind yezerselves and give Buttons a big and a kiss from me. Also, if my mother is still in Ireland or anyone has seen or heard from her. Tell her that her eldest son has been trying to get in touch with her every day since 2 days before “MOTHERS” day! 😉



  1. Sarah says:

    Wow babe, your pictures are amazing! I wish I was there with you! You look dead sexy :p Love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    PS: I tried ringing that number you gave me and a woman answered. I dont think she could speak English…She just hung up on me then!

  2. Jen says:

    I was lookin everywhere for that t-shirt!! 😉

  3. cuffy says:

    sniff no message in the sand,

    dejection, lol, no i have to say that daytime victoria point view looks amazin, personally i cant believe its march 11th, that means you are gone nearly 6 weeks, thats crazy. amazing how your plans have changed over the few weeks though

    also fair play for actually going out an doing all the things to do and see, not many would, id say most people would do their travel thing and say they saw sites on the train and club the rest of it. your a legend

    anyway im sure i’ll hear from ya soon, when ya get a chance to reply to the email

    luv cuffy

  4. mamo says:

    hi Dave, Mamo here. Live and kicking in
    dublin! I was talking to you during the week. You gave me a phone number.
    The guy answered and I told him that I was looking for an Irish red headed fellow. He asked me if you were bald and I said yes, he told me that you had left.

    So some of my minutes are wasted.

    Next week I’m on earlies, 7-3.
    You won’t know the estate, signs everywhere!!
    bike lanes and bus stops.

    Marian Smith’s son Paul is now a doctor. He got his PHD.
    Isn’t that great?

    Nana and Da are home from America. They were asking for ya. Da was giving out as usual -“did he not get his injections?”

    I told you to bring a coat with you. knew you would be cold!!
    but would you listen?!

    by the way, I am making a book of your adventures. Mick printed out all your stories in work. Now I’m getting it bound up. So now you can read it in book form too when the electricity goes, which is quite often in this estate!

    miss you lots, haven’t bought tea bags since you left!
    talk to you soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmamo

  5. mamo says:

    🙂 😉 😛 :S 😀 🙂 😉

    still here!!

  6. Dave says:

    Thanks guys. Sorry mam. I was so drunk I cannot remember speaking to you on Tuesday. I am SOOOOOOO sorry. I really am.

    I cannot get through to you now, but will try again later. Love you and miss you lots.

    By the way, theres no need to make a book, Im getting it professionally done so its ok. 😉

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