Jul 06

Rave on Pacific Beach

(Really wish I had photos of this night.)  The Linda Vista crew hit the tavern and I was SUPPOSED to join them. Waited 2 hours for my cab and eventually had to ask Jenny to give me a lift to PB. The eve of the 4th of July is like getting a taxi on Christmas day. When I eventually arrived there the queue was too long and everyone was already inside.

They tried to talk the bouncer to let me in but it was just too busy. Queuing was useless. So they all came out. Sarah was absolutely hammered and while we were waiting for the others to come out of the offie, she followed a dog down an alley. We followed her down and she was speaking to some weird americans. They invited us back to a “Private party”.

We had nowhere else to go so we decided it was the right thing to do. We ended up at a weird semi outdoor rave! There was two DJs playing and Paul Okenfold was there. I said hello and had a deadly night. Ended up staying back in Linda vista with Fergal, Qualon (I dont know how to spell that), Sarah, Jemma, Aoife Mark and Una. They made me breakfast in bed the next day. The 4th of July!

(It was nights like this that remind me why I should update this blog more often, these are somehow nights that I forget)

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  1. Allison says:

    Pacific Beach, oh what memories that brings to mind, one of the better beaches that the U.S. has to offer!
    Keeping It Real,
    Allison English

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