Jul 06

Happy 4th of July

The day kicked off when I arrived home to a beer bong breakfast and a game of beer pong and a massive feed on our brand spanking new BBQ. The revellers started arriving in the droves. I’d say half of SDSU were there! The banter continued on throughout the day. Dancing and eating. Eating and dancing. Fancy dress was about to begin so myself and Mark (Meeark!) began our preparation to become….. female.

Got a dress from Helena and Aiso, Helena and Michelle did our make-up. Creepy looking. As you can see from the photos. Some deadly costumes (Camel Toe Julie was the funniest). Banter went on until 9 PM when we all headed down the beach for the fireworks.

Such a deadly traditional american fireworks show. Beach was packed and we all had the craic in costume. From the Santa Cruz beach, we could see the fireworks from here all the way up to La Jolla. Amazing. Got some videos of it which will be available soon.

Headed back to ours where I got back dressed into normal clothes and I became a man again. Everything after that is pretty much a blur. Woke up in a room FULL of people who didn’t know where they were or who they were there with. Funny and sad at the same time. All in all, best 4th of July ever. Would definitely do it again.


  1. Mamo says:

    Whats this dressing up as a girl AGAIN!!!Have you some prob I dont know about yet. Do you have more fun as a girl? I cannot see any photos on your last message. Anyway Daffney your girlfriend or should I say boyfriend is bringing over 200 tea bags for you. Mind how you go and dont forget to take your pill.I could not bear it if you got pregnant!
    Love Mamo xxxxxxx

  2. Jen says:

    Where the hell is my email?!

    I just cut Buttons’ hair solo. Wish you were here.x x x

  3. Allison says:

    Sounds like a great way to celebrate the Independence Day celebration, fireworks and all.
    Keeping it Real,
    Allison English

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