Jul 06

Grain-ie and her crew are hobos no longer.

OK, so our houseguests have moved out and we got invited to their housewarming party. Absolutely mental night. They covered their sitting room wall with wrapping paper and gave us all markers to sign. We’re going to do that for our 4th of July party so. Anyway, there was about a hundred people there and it was a savage night until the plumbing broke. When the upstairs toilet was flushed the downstairs one flooded the place. So at about 1 bell we headed to the beach. Didn’t bring a camera this time. Oh well.

Deadly craic down the beach, the new lads from Down brought a guitar and know literally EVERY song ever written. The shades as usual came and broke it up. They didn’t have the helicopter out this time though. 🙂

After the beach we were invited to an american party (At 2 in the morning). Oh my god…. the americans didn’t know what hit them. Imagine having a hundred drunk Irish arriving at your party with a guitar and a bodhran! The neighbours were outside with megaphones shouting in “Cease and desist” but noone could hear them! Eventually they had to water baloon and house us so we would leave. Good fun. Made a lot of new friends and one thats a tattoo artist that says she will tattoo me for free. I’m thinking about it.

Woke up today and Dee and Rachel, Dee’s sister, Sean, Ben and two of their mexican friends took me, Jon and regan to La Jolla. My God, it was beautiful. We went for lunch in a fancy bistro and drove up prospect and watched all the beautiful people go by. It is REALLY what you see in films. This place is where the rich people live and the beach is in loads of movies.

We drove home back up the coast and it was amazing. Dee got the CD of the ATB set and we had a rave in the car all the way home.

Net access is gone from my house so it’s down to the library.

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