Jun 06

California, California, Here we are.

OK, now that I am here and a little more settled I can update this a bit. I’ll just give a brief rundown of what has happened so far.

First of all, the entire journey was 25 hours in total. Leaving Sarah was horrible and I really didn’t want to go. 🙁 When I got to London, I had a few drinks in the bar and a half hour before my flight (I like to board last) I realised I was in the wrong terminal. So I was running like a lunatic, had to get a bus and when I go to terminal 2 I could hear my name being called out and I knew my summer had begun. 🙂

The flight was fine. I fell asleep before we took off, but I was in the middle seat and couldn’t sleep that well. Not without falling asleep on the people either side of me. They were a group of lads from Dublin, so I was grand.

Got to Washington airport and I saw my first celebrity. The girl Claire from Lost (The Australian one with the baby). She’s a smoker. I was too scarlet to get my photo taken though. Washington was a nightmare though. We had to take out bags off the plane, identify them and check them back onto the plane. What’s the point in that? The whole immigration thing was a total of 3 hours and that’s with me jumping the queue every chance I got!

Flight to San Diego was fine. The place is all like you see on the TV. The people here are so friendly. Met an old lady that lent me her phone to call my hostel just because I asked where the payphone was. She then took me to my bus. Very nice indeed.

Arrived at my really cool hostel and on the steps as I was going in I met Breffni and Claire Hall. (My old primary teachers daughters).

That night some American guys took me to the beach and there was a party there. I met lots of locals and I got lots of phone numbers (Its VERY common over here to give your number to complete strangers).

Met some lads from Cork so we have just being going out to beach parties every night this week. (Except poker night).

Last night there was about 140 Irish people at the beach party. Met a girl from rivervalley on the beach too! Someone called Aideen Curran. Never seen her before, but apparently she knows My brudder Thurles.

Yesterday we rented out bikes and just cycled around looking for houses. Found the perfect place, but as it stands, it’s not looking good. Hopefully we’ll know today.

Anyway, I’m way too hung-over to keep typing. I forgot my camera cable, it’s back in the hostel, but I will definitely upload all my photos tomorrow.


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