Feb 05

Arrived in Samui

This place is like PARADISE. Its nothing like I imagined it. Think of all the places you can imagine, all the movies you have seen, all the paintings you have viewed. Pick the best image. Multiply it by 100 and you have this place.

I’m only staying here for one day but I stayed up all night on the beach with other backpackers by candlelight looking at the moonlit bay and surrounding jungle. Beautiful. Words (Apart from these) cannot describe it.

Sitting in a net cafe now, sweating my balls off waiting for my ferry to KPN (Full moon party Island) which is apparently even more beautiful than this!

Ill be in touch!


  1. Bren says:

    Hey Dave,

    Nice comments. Sounds amazing…except for the “sweating my balls off” comment. Not so much. Keep us posted. Later.


  2. Louise says:

    Hi Dave

    Louise Kavo here…I’m having a great time reading your (mis)adventures!! Bit jealous though…making me think I should take time out from the Rat Race and do it!!
    Well…take care and have a fab time!

  3. Sinéad says:

    hey hun! i just spent bout an hour tryin to figure out how to send ya a damn message, i really dont have a clue how to use computers… they hate me! anyways its nice to see ur havin a great time- im so jealous!mind yourself ok, dont take sweets from strangers (unless der fizzy cola bottles) and keep in touch!talk to ya soon, Sinéad (“,)

  4. cuffy says:

    hey dave

    all bothers arenow sorted, only 1 more refund and im done.

    eh just asking, around 700-1000 miles away from you there was an earthquake in indonesia, did you feel any vibrations over there????

    apparently no injured or hurt from the 6.0 on the richter scale, just wondering how widely felt a 6 is.


  5. Jamie cruise says:

    Alrite Dave just took time out of my boaring life to see how yours is going.All looks great except for the loss of the money which i hope wasnt too much.Anyway keep us updated with all thats going on and hope everything stays well for you.anyway dave keep it real and enjoy the experience Jay.

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