Mar 05

Hong Kong

Arrived in Hong Kong alive and well, albeit Tired and stinky after a LONG day and a half travelling. Jodie met me off the airport train and brought me to a hotel. This place is EXPENSIVE as hell! I cannot afford anything!

Jodie brought me out and I met a load of her friends. Thank god none of them are like her at all. She has not changed a bit. She showed me around Central hong kong down all the little ally ways etc. Nice to see.

We then went to Wan Chai to meet her friends. We went for dinner and then for a dance but after all my travelling then advanced level drinking I had to leave everyone.

Jodie had to head to Phuket to see her mam for some reason, but she left me in the hands of her friends who are all really nice. Half Chinese and Half western (Australian and Swedish) so Its a good mix.

Went for dinner again with them tonight and am now sitting in a really cool cofee shop (One with couches like I have always wanted) using the free internet cos I couldnt find internet ANYWHERE here.

Its absolutely freezing here. its like winter and NOTHING like Thailand. Struggling to find where I can get a Visa for Vietnam but I think tonight Ill just take advantage of my Hotel, stay in, eat sweets and watch a movie. (Not a bluey!)

Got the subway today. In my opinion, its the best way to figure the layout of the city and learn the initial ropes. After a few times, you become more comfortable. 😉

Tomorrow I have a long day. Have to find a hostel, find a jumper, find some socks and a belt (They were stolen from my laundry!) and find a memory card for my camera. Im so pissed off, I left it till I came here so I could get some decent prices.

I really cannot stay here. I need to leave as soon as possible, otherwise all my money will be spent for the other locations.

Well, Ill love yall and leave yall. Ill probably update you again soon because I found this cool little cofee shop and above all its free!

Miss you all, especially Sarah!


  1. mike says:

    The place to go to get a memory card or any computer supplies (hardware/software) is Pantip Plaza in Bangkok. Any taxi driver will know exactly where it is.

  2. Dave says:

    Picked one up Mike. Thanks a mil for all your advice and teh link. BTW, your article on Burma/Myamar. Very interesting

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