Dec 10

First Two Weeks In Melbourne

How the time has flown in. Here two weeks already. Having a fantastic time. The blistering hot sunshine really isn’t making it easy to believe that it’s December and the constant flow of Facebook updates complaining about the traffic and cold isn’t making it any easier. Sitting here watching a beautiful sunset while the Facebook newsfeed complains about treacherous conditions and snow ins. Anyway, I’ll keep this as brief as possible.

Arrived after an amazingly comfortable flight. Business class is certainly worth the price you pay. Full lie flat beds and proper cooked meals at any time you want. On the first leg, I had four steaks and watched movies for the entire time. In the business class lounge in Abu Dhabi after losing and finding my wallet, I got to say hello to the frizzy haired one from “Two pints of Lager” (really this time). On the second, longer leg, I slept for most of it. I was tucked in and the Air Hostess tucked me in and left a bottle of water beside me for when I woke up. The second I did wake up, she was over like a light to take my breakfast order. Read the full story

Nov 10

I ♥ Belgium – I ♥ Techno

A last minute hectic booking. The recipe for a fantastic event. I ♥ techno has been an event I have always wanted to attend ever since I got back from Asia. Unfortunately, due to it’s date in November, something always came up and got in the way. Usually something work related. This time, rather than head to Australia a few days early, I convinced Essy to come along and see what all the fuss was about.

Luckily, the idea had been festering in my head as a result of Carolyn, a friend I had met only two three or four times before pestering me about going. She’s one of the types that tries to get as big a crew together for everything, even if she barely knows most. She facebooked me her details, me and Essy booked and before I knew it I was standing at Dublin Airport with Es, Caz and Brona, Carolyn’s friend. Read the full story

Nov 10

When A Mans Heart Is Aching He Goes To War Or Travels. I Chose The Latter. Here’s My Plan.

After a long hiatus, an attempt to grow up and settle down that blew up in my face and considering there’s no war (that’s legitimate), I’m off again.

Technology wasn’t as advanced and travelogues were quite the niche thing when I originally started this blog so I’ve upgraded the design, added some cool new features impossible 5 years ago and made things a little easier for me to keep track of my notes while on the move as well as a little easier to read.

Reading back over the tripe I’ve written while I was away last has not only made me wish I had updated it more frequently, it has also made me realize how much the mind forgets and how important some of those memories actually are. I vow to also add photos to the posts where I mention someone I’ve met, however briefly as reading over the old posts has made me realize that I can’t remember the faces of the people I shared so many fond memories with. Read the full story

Nov 06

Die Fatherland

OK, I know I have not had any updates for a while. It’s taken quite a long time to get the house and settle down, so in the next week, I’ll start updating. A few photos too. Been too busy working over here to be posting anything and I guess Sarah has been keeping everyone up to date anyway through text message, email or Bebo.

This was the last entry of my “phase one” when I went to live in Germany for the year with Sarah. In brief, Germany, Konstanz in particular was awesome. I absolutely loved my time there but really slipped up on learning the language as Sarah was so fluent.

The summers were beautiful and the winters were snowier than any snow I had ever seen. We lived a little outside the town, right beside a mental asylum that we had to walk through at night to get home. Read the full story

Sep 06

Home & Away

Well, I’m home safe and sound. I know I have not posted in a while, but there is a damn good reason. The Summer in San Diego was the best of my life. I made some of the greatest friends in the world.

For three months I felt “At home”. I felt so depressed when I got back, I thought it would never go away. After being home 3 weeks now, its finally starting to wear off. San Diego feels like one big dream right now. While I’m not and never was a beach person, I miss the beach, I miss the having countless things to do, I miss the parties and I miss knowing that it will again tomorrow without fail. Read the full story

Aug 06

Seattle, Seatle, Seattle

OK, now that I have left Seattle I can write a bit about it. I also think it’s about time I added some more photos to the posts I make. Just to brighten it up a bit! So anyway, along with what i did…..

All kicked off when I arrived in Seattle and just hopped on a bus downtown. I arrived downtown and walked a bit to find the HI hostel. Little did I know that this was the ONLY hostel in Seattle. Can you bee-lee dat? I was forced to go to a hostel/ranch on one of Seattle’s many islands. Vashon Island. Made my way to the ferry and across. All patrons have to HITCH A LIFT about 4-6 miles to the hostel. The roads are not lit and the place is the scene of a horror movie. lucky me hitched a lift off a little old lady. A little crazy but nice.

When I arrived, as I mentioned already, the hostel is a ranch. As you can see by the photos, it’s an actual ranch. The dorms and common room are in a converted barn. It’s actually really cool. Met some really nice people here. Most people seem to be travelling alone, so that’s cool. Got free food and the campfire was blazing (And a stinky). Read the full story

Aug 06

Hustlers Grab Your Guns – Your Shadow Weighs a Ton… Driving Down the 101

For those of you who still read this, i.e, Me, Sinead and Jennifer, the answer is indeed…. I’m driving down the 101! More updates and PHOTOS when it’s complete! Man this rocks. So glad I’m driving (Yes, actually driving) DOWN the 101 rather than up like everyone else. No-one down in the Sunny Dee will get to experience this driving UP to San Fran.

Aug 06

Sleepy in Seattle

OK, so after getting jealous of everyone else going on their road trip without me (Because I went with Sarah) I decided to do a random one of my own. Right now, I’m in the home of grunge. Seattle. It is a REALLY beautiful city. Like Dublin on Acid. Lots of it.

Arrived here and found out there is only ONE hostel in the whole city. And guess what? It’s been booked out since March. So I had to find somewhere else. The HI guy told me there was one on Vashon island. So away I went. Got the ferry over and realized that there was no taxi or bus on the island. I had no choice but to hitch hike. A little old lady (A bit weird) picked me up. She was terrible friendly and only too helpful. She dropped me off at my….”Hostel”.

The best way to describe this place is a mix of a wild west film set and a dwelling. I am literally staying in a barn. A REAL barn. It’s really cool though. Lots of dorm beds and lots of other lost souls who didn’t think to book 5 months ahead! The temp here is a LOT cooler than San Diego and at night it’s freezing which made for the most comfy sleep EVER! Read the full story

Aug 06

Falling… From The Sky

So anyway, yesterday I had….. The most AMAZING experience of my life. I finally got to tick the box (On the list of things to do before I die) beside…..SKYDIVE.

After everyone backed out of the skydive Dave O Connell tried to organize, I said fuck it. I’ll do it myself. When I booked it, Jenny said she wanted to do it. So we were all set. We booked ourselves in for the Friday. Everyone seemed to get jealous. 😉 One by one, people were throwing me deposits for the jump. Cape May got on board and we got the list up to 20 people!

We decided to go (out?) in style, so we booked a stretched limo for the (return?) trip. I was physically sick the night before. Went to the pictures and couldn’t even remember the film, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Read the full story

Aug 06

Some Updates From OB

OK, so it’s been a while since I’ve been around these parts. Been up to a lot since my baby came over. Had fun and Gaire in Vegas, and with Sarah getting her first lap dance, that only sweetened the deal….

Anyway, had a deadly time when Sarah came down to OB and met all my house mates and her family for a week. Think she kind of freaked out a little when we first arrived as there was a regular cliff session when we got back and she had to meet about 50 people all at once. By the way babe, everyone was very impressed that you remembered most of the names so quickly. Read the full story

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